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Preparing for Spark 2021: Can’t-Miss Pre-Conference Resources

Last updated on October 21, 2021
Key Takeaways

  • Spark 2021 is right around the corner! Register now and learn more about the conference presentations.
  • Review the resources in this checklist ahead of the conference to ensure you'll get the most out of FareHarbor Spark!

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

FareHarbor Spark is coming up soon, and we’re eager to ignite your passion for tours and activities all over again! We’re serving up immersive presentations and interactive dialogues you won’t want to miss.

Before you dive into the action on October 25th, take some time to view this list of resources to help you get the most out of each engaging workshop. Here you’ll find Compass articles, checklists, and Help Pages related to the fascinating topics of Spark 2021.

Still need to register for Spark? What are you waiting for?! Register now to get your front-row (virtual!) seat to the latest industry news and business management tips.

We hope these resources have made you even more excited for FareHarbor Spark! Be sure to review the agenda so you don’t miss any of this year’s excellent content!

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