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Streamline & Automate Your Workflow With Zapier – A FareHarbor Integration

Last updated on September 29, 2020
4 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Zapier and FareHarbor have partnered to provide you with automated app integrations.
  • Securely send data between apps to save time.
  • An overview of FH Zapier templates that cover a variety of booking info tasks.

Skill Level

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With so many essential business tasks in your busy schedule, it can be a challenge to find ways to make your workflows run more smoothly and save valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business.

That’s why FareHarbor partnered with Zapier, a workflow automation tool that seamlessly connects your business applications. This exciting new partnership will help you streamline your operations through integrations with hundreds of third-party apps – you’ll save time and knock items off of your to-do list by automatically performing actions such as:

  • Adding customers from new FH bookings as subscribers in Mailchimp
  • Integrating with invoicing systems like Quickbooks
  • Creating sales receipts from new bookings
  • And many, many more

What Is Zapier?

In its most basic form, Zapier enables the transfer of information from one platform to another. It connects to the apps you already use to automate repetitive tasks. These connections – or workflows – between Zapier and the third-party software are called Zaps, and they are easy to create and monitor. 

How a Zap Works

  1. Determine a trigger, or an event in an app, that starts your Zap – such as when you receive a new email.
  2. Select an action that you’d like Zapier to take when the above trigger or event occurs – such as adding an email subscriber in your email service provider. The action then automatically pulls the data from the first app into the 2nd app.
  3. Sit back and watch the Zap do all the work for you as it securely sends information across your apps.

To review full set-up instructions on how to set up the FareHarbor app in Zapier visit our Help Center.

How to Use Zapier with FareHarbor

FareHarbor makes it easy to connect your account with Zapier using an API key that is generated directly within FareHarbor. Creating Zaps is as simple as determining booking action triggers and watching your booking data automatically flow through Zapier to the third-party app.

Based on the most commonly used scenarios among our clients, FareHarbor has created Zapier templates that allow you to easily configure a Zap with little extra effort from your team. With our Zapier templates, you can:

  • Create Zaps to update a customer relationship management (CRM) system, such as ActiveCampaign
  • Create rows in Google Sheets with FH booking information
  • Add customer information to Mailchimp when new bookings are made
  • Integrate with invoicing systems like Zoho or Xero
  • Post to a Slack channel when a booking is updated or canceled, and
  • Create QuickBooks Online sales receipts from new bookings

Get Started with the Integration

Ready to link FareHarbor and Zapier to streamline your operations? Getting started with the integration requires you to simply add the API key associated with your FareHarbor account to Zapier and follow a few steps, which you can find here. If you need additional assistance, be sure to check out the Zapier Support documentation as well. 

Once you’ve connected your FareHarbor account to Zapier, it’s time to get Zapping! Think about the actions you’d like to eliminate from your busy schedule and set up your Zaps today.

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