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Join the Network!

The FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN) makes it easier than ever to partner with fellow FareHarbor businesses. Participants in the Network can both sell each other’s tours and activities and have their tours and activities distributed online through popular channels such as popular travel websites, travel blogs & influencers, hotels, airlines, and many more.

We facilitate the connections and transfer all commissions, ensuring a seamless, efficient experience for everyone involved.

*You must be using Stripe or Adyen as your payment processor to join the FHDN.

FareHarbor Distribution Network Affiliates

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Benefits of joining the FareHarbor Distribution Network

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Get More Bookings

Reach customers who wouldn’t land on your website organically.
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More Repeat Customers

Bookings will appear as regular online bookings in your FareHarbor Dashboard, saving your customers’ contact information for future marketing.
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Automated Invoicing

Don’t worry about paying commission to your affiliates, we’ll handle it for you.
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No More Contract Headaches

FareHarbor will take over the set up of contracts with affiliates for you.

Confirmation & Reminder Emails

Include “Other Activities” buttons in your confirmation and reminder emails to customers. Every booking made through these emails will be tagged with the affiliate’s name so we can track its origin. Give affiliates the ability to sell activities in confirmation emails, pre-arrival emails, itinerary emails, or any other type of customer communication.


Add a “Things to Do” or activities-specific page on an affiliate’s website. We can also integrate booking links throughout any website that references tours & activities/things to do. Add an “Other Activities” or “Things to Do” page to your website, where your customers can go to book activities provided by other tour operators.

Agreement Details

There are two agreements involved in the FareHarbor Distribution Network. One is the Provider Participation Agreement, which allows you to have your activities sold through the Network. The other is the Affiliate Participation Agreement, which allows you to sell tours and activities that are available through the Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a FareHarbor Distribution Network Affiliate

Join the FareHarbor Distribution Network as an affiliate and gain easy, direct access to our network of thousands of bookable activities. We’ll handle the set up, contract and payments for you.