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Affiliate Rules: A New Way to Take Charge of When Affiliates Can Book

Last updated on February 22, 2024
3 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Affiliate rules allow you to take control of when affiliates can book your tours.
  • You can choose specific days or even months in which they can or cannot book.
  • Double check your affiliate contracts before setting affiliate rules.

Skill Level

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Calling all operators who work with affiliates (a.k.a. resellers or partners)! We’ve got a brand new feature for you: affiliate rules. 

Affiliate rules is a powerful tool that enables you to control the days that affiliates can book your tours and activities.

This fully customizable feature can help you maximize your earnings and put you in the driver’s seat with your affiliate relationships. 

This guide will provide context into how affiliate rules can work for your business as well as a few important items to keep in mind when designing your rules. 

How to Use Affiliate Rules

Affiliate rules allow you to limit when affiliates can book your activities. They can affect months at a time or just a specific day. How you decide to create your rules will depend on your unique business.

To get you started, here are two examples of how you can shape your rules. 

During Your High Season

Throughout the months that your tours typically sell out through direct bookings, you should add rules that limit affiliates from booking your offerings. This will increase the number of your organic bookings versus affiliate bookings, which in turn maximizes your profits.  

During Your Low Season

On the other hand, when you reach your slow season, you can remove your rules to leverage affiliate bookings. This can help boost your bottom line and fill up your availabilities. 

Ways to Customize Your Rules Even Further

As mentioned, you can get very granular when it comes to when affiliates can or cannot book. Here are a few other ways you can design your rules:

  • Automate the release of remaining openings of an availability to your affiliates prior to the start date. Note that you must open an availability at least 24 hours before start time. 
  • Pick and choose which affiliates can or cannot book your offerings for each rule. 
  • Pick and choose which items to limit affiliates from booking.

iconCompliance Considerations

When setting up your rules, it is up to you to ensure your affiliate rules do not break your contract with each affiliate. Check the contract with each affiliate you work with to see if there is a clause about limiting bookings. 

If you think affiliate rules could work for your business to maximize your revenue, see our Help Center article for information on how to get started. 

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