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Drive Year-Round Revenue with the FareHarbor Distribution Network

Last updated on September 11, 2023
8 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Join the FHDN to resell other tour operator activities & have yours sold as well.
  • Select items that best complement your own offerings to generate additional revenue.
  • Market these extra offerings like you would with your own items.

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Are you looking for fresh strategies to generate revenue? Use the FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN) to expand your reach this busy season. 

The FHDN lets you sell other FareHarbor clients’ tours and activities as well as have your own tours and activities distributed online for increased exposure and revenue.

Whether you’ve already joined the FHDN or are learning about this business-boosting resource for the first time, there are several ways to take advantage of your membership ahead of your busy season. 

Getting Started

First, read up on all the details of the FHDN to ensure it’s the right fit for your business. Click the “Join the FHDN” button and sign the corresponding agreements. 


You have two options when you sign up for the FHDN.

  • Join as a provider to have your tours and activities sold by other operators.
  • Join as an affiliate to resell the tours and activities of other operators.

We recommend selecting both to maximize your potential. Acting as an affiliate is the best way to earn passive revenue year-round. You’re on your way to more bookings, revenue, and repeat customers!

Choose Complementary Items to Resell on Your Site

When you resell tours and activities, you receive a 15% commission from those bookings. But before you can enjoy this additional revenue, you need to select which items to feature on your website.

We recommend choosing tours and activities that complement your own offerings and highlight top things to do in your area. For example, if you offer wine tastings you could link to local cooking classes as a complementary activity that you know would interest your target audience.

Strive to offer a curated experience for your customers. Choose no more than 6-8 items to feature on your things to do page or in a blog post to reduce the potential for decision fatigue.

Pro tip: A great way to take advantage of being an affiliate is during your slow season. If you operate a seasonal business, you can capture revenue even when you’re closed by reselling tours and activities that operate during your off-season.

To browse tours and activities to resell, take a look at the FHDN directory, where you can filter by location and company.

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The following tips involve integrating the tour/activity booking links on your website, so be sure to follow these instructions to start capturing bookings.

Create a Things To Do or Resource Page on your Website

You are the best resource for out-of-town guests visiting your area. When customers enjoy your tour or experience, they’ll be more likely to take you up on your recommendations for other activities to do in the area. This is where your FHDN connections come in handy!

Create a “local offerings” page on your website and feature other FareHarbor clients’ tours and activities that complement yours. With a range of activities tailored to your audience, people browsing your website are sure to find the right experience for them – and make a booking!

Even if people haven’t booked with you or are in the research phase of their trip planning, you can still capture revenue by providing useful resources. 

Get tips on what to include on your things to do page in this guide. 

Pro tip: Go old-school and hand out pamphlets with a list of local businesses, attractions, and things to do. See if you can partner with other local companies to offer your guests coupons or discounts. Make sure to include a QR code that guests can scan to book a partner activity right from your website so you get the additional revenue from the FHDN. 

Use Blogging & Emails to Your Advantage

Whether you’re a blogging pro, or just testing the waters, long-form content is a great place to feature other FareHarbor clients’ tours and activities local to your area. Not to mention, providing information like this establishes your business as a local (and industry!) expert.

Here are three ways to feature other operators’ activities in a blog post or email newsletter.

  1. Create a roundup of bookable activities for different audiences. For example, you could write content about things to do in your area for families with kids, solo travelers, or couples looking for romance. 
  2. Make a multi-day itinerary for visitors to your area. Be sure to highlight your own offerings as must-do activities for day 1. Then, guide readers to local attractions, restaurants, and other tour and activity operators.
  3. Play tourist and go on a tour with another FareHarbor client whose activities you resell! Share your experience in an email, on social media or in a blog post and include a “book now” button so readers can get in on the fun. 

We hope you’ll make time to tackle a few of these tasks ahead of your busy season so you can generate passive revenue alongside your regular bookings. For a more in-depth look at the FHDN, take a look at this on-demand webinar!

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