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API Connectivity 101: Breakdown and Benefits of API Connectivity

Last updated on October 14, 2020
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Understand the basics of API connectivity.
  • Learn how connectivity can benefit you.

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What is API connectivity?

API Connectivity creates a link between your FareHarbor Dashboard and the Online Travel Agency (OTA) that is reselling your tours, allowing you to use FareHarbor as your one-stop-shop for managing bookings and availability.

When your dashboard is API-connected to a partnered OTA, availabilities from your FareHarbor calendar will populate in real-time in the OTA’s system, and bookings and cancellations from your API partners will flow directly into your FareHarbor Dashboard. If your tour sells out, it will also become unavailable in the OTA.

API Connections free you from:

  • Manually adding and closing availabilities in your OTA partners’ systems.*
  • Logging into multiple OTAs or sifting through your emails to find your bookings for the day.
  • Manually entering bookings made in OTAs.
  • Manually rebooking or canceling OTA bookings in FareHarbor.**

It’s our goal to give you more time to run your business, more time to interact with your customers, and, ultimately, more time to grow. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of API connectivity!

* After initial setup. Click here to learn more about managing API connections.
** For select connections.

What are the benefits of API connectivity?

API Connections give you the gift of time, allowing you to spend more of your time and resources growing your business. If you’d like to increase your online presence and manage reseller bookings and availability directly through FareHarbor, API Connectivity is a great option for you.

  • a close up of a logoReal-Time Availability – A customer booking on an API-connected third party website will never be able to book more spots than you have available at a certain date or time, giving you peace of mind and fewer headaches with customers. If you need to close or open availability in your FareHarbor calendar, those changes will reflect on the OTA’s website as well.
  • a close up of a logoTarget In-Destination Customers – Recent data from Criterio suggests that more and more customers are booking with mobile devices, which account for 80% of last-minute bookings. Because API Connectivity drastically reduces your risk of overbooking, you’ll be able to target those in-destination customers who are looking to book last minute. For this reason, we recommend that your FareHarbor booking cut-off times are as low as possible. Not sure how to allow last-minute bookings? Click here to learn more about FareHarbor bookability settings.
  • a close up of a logoEase of Operations – All bookings collected via an API are centrally located in your FareHarbor Dashboard, meaning that you can view your manifest to see all of your bookings in one place. You can also use FareHarbor’s in-system reporting feature to track revenue and traffic from your entire network. Additionally, bookability settings and booking statuses (closed, call-to-book, auto-close) can be managed solely through FareHarbor.

FareHarbor Connectivity Team

Leave it to us! Increasing your brand’s exposure is usually a good thing for your business. In fact, on average, around 70% of FareHarbor clients receiving consistent online bookings have at least one API connection with a partner OTA. However, it can be challenging to manage your partnerships and API connections on an ongoing basis. That’s why FareHarbor has a dedicated team of Connectivity Specialists to ensure that you’re set up for success across all of your partners.

Not only do we take on the heavy lifting, but we also know which setups work best and love to offer our strategic advice. Consider us the experts. By working so closely with these OTAs on a daily basis, we feel confident in providing you a seamless connection with our partners from the start. Just let us know when your account is all set up with the OTA of your choice and we will step in and take care of the connectivity process from start to finish, as well as provide ongoing support for your live API connections. Connect with a member of the Connectivity team today!

Which OTAs does FareHarbor have API connections with?

For a list of current partners that have API connections with FareHarbor, visit the Connectivity page on Compass.

Keep in mind that we are always on the lookout for new API partners. If you work with a reseller who might be a good fit for an API partnership, please contact FareHarbor support at [email protected] with details.

Please note that FareHarbor cannot guarantee that a partner will resell your tours on their platform and any terms of contract must be agreed upon by you and your potential partner.

How do I get started?

Please see the API Connectivity 201: Expert Advice on Getting Connected with OTAs to learn more about putting together your API/OTA strategy.

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