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Preparing For Your Busy Season: Marketing & SEO Checklist

Last updated on March 14, 2023
Key Takeaways

  • Complete these essential SEO & website tasks ahead of your busy season.
  • Optimize PPC ads and campaign spend to align with current goals.
  • Learn what to post on social media leading up to your busy season.

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Your company’s busy season may be fast-paced, exciting, and a great boost to your business, but it’s definitely not the time to be stressing over your online presence and marketing campaigns.

Do yourself a favor and prepare for your busy season ahead of schedule by tackling a few tasks to improve your website, SEO, social media, and other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

By using our pre-busy season checklist ahead of time, you’ll be one step closer to starting your busy season without a hitch.

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  • Your website is where much of the online booking magic happens. Give your homepage a refresh and update your booking flow to reflect the current season.
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  • Hand in hand with updating your website is making sure you are still well optimized for SEO to show up in SERP results. Give a quick audit to the following.
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  • Log into all platforms where you run ads—from Google to social media—and focus on the following tasks.
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    Social Media

  • Log in to your most trafficked social media accounts two weeks before your busy season. For many operators, these are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But if you are very active on LinkedIn or another platform, make sure to check those as well.
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    Affiliates & Resellers

  • Finally, check on your activities on any third-party affiliates to make sure they are updated and ready to go for the busy season.

With these important items taken care of, you’ll be ready to do what you do best—running your incredible tours and activities. Want to feel even more prepared for your busiest time of year? Get your Dashboard ready to go with our pre-busy season Dashboard checklist.

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