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The Trust Factor: Instill Trust in Your Customers & Boost Your Bottom Line

Last updated on March 11, 2022
Key Takeaways

  • Trust is a major factor in choosing to book with any business.
  • Update important business policies to be transparent with your customer base.
  • Optimize and design your website with trust in mind.

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Trust has always been a major indicator of success in the tour industry. Instilling trust in your customers is what gets them to book with you and leave a good review, not to mention that Google measures the trustworthiness of a site to determine its quality. 

46% of respondents to a Travelport study said they prioritize trust over all other factors when choosing a travel company.

While generating trust doesn’t happen overnight, as you read the tips in this guide, you’ll probably notice that you’ve already been doing some of these things as part of your normal business operations.

And if you’re doing some spring cleaning or getting ready for your busy season, build on that head start to continue to inspire travelers to hit the road and have some fun on your activities.

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    The Nitty-Gritty: Tour & Company Policies

  • Nobody wants to spend too much time on things like pricing and policies, but they’re an essential part of instilling trust in your customers. For people who have put off traveling for almost two years, every dollar they spend on a trip is precious – they don’t want to stress about cancellations, refunds, or hidden fees. The top two factors that influence whether customers trust travel companies are fully flexible or refundable bookings (45%) and no hidden costs (55%) – Travelport.
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    The Fun Part: Your Digital Presence

  • With policies buttoned up and out of the way, it’s time to enhance your digital presence and boost potential customers’ trust in your brand.

Give these aspects of your business a quick refresh to better represent your company to potential customers. Small details like tour inclusions and cancellation policies go a long way in making people feel comfortable – and excited! – to book a tour or activity with you.

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