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Spread The Love: 5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips For Couples, Singles, Families, and More!

Last updated on February 10, 2021
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Use add-ons to optimize your tours & activities.
  • Promotions for families, groups of friends, and COVID-19 pods.
  • Get creative with COVID-safe Valentine's Day activities.

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We’ve spent a lot of time apart this past year, so call us crazy optimists but we anticipate a Valentine’s Day boom in 2021, with people going above and beyond – and getting creative – to make Cupid’s holiday special for their loved ones!

Think outside the box this year and market your tours and activities not only to romantic couples but also to groups of single friends, Galentine’s Day groups, families, and COVID pods looking to share the love. 

1. Take romance outdoors.

Okay, okay – we know we just said Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance, but it goes without saying that any February 14th promotion should include something for the lovebirds out there. Highlight any activities that would make a fun, socially distanced date — like an outdoor sunset tour, a private food tour or wine tasting, or even a private axe throwing session for two — on your website homepage and marketing channels. There are plenty of people looking for both classic and creative date ideas for Valentine’s Day weekend, so make sure to highlight your private offerings or any tour that offers a beautiful view — nothing says romance like a stunning sunset! 

2. Upsell with customizable add-ons. 

On Valentine’s Day, people are often willing to spend a little more to show their loved ones how much they care. One way to up the ante is to offer add-ons such as flowers, champagne, chocolate, or even a secret photographer for those who are using the occasion to pop the big question or capture a special moment.

Pro tip: When creating your add-ons make sure to consider a range of offerings at different price points to cater to a wide variety of customers and budgets. 

Your focus should always remain on your tour or activity, but add-ons make a great tour even more memorable, especially if you can’t offer your usual tour itinerary due to COVID-19 restrictions. You can include add-ons to any item in your FareHarbor Dashboard by using custom fields. Learn more about how to set up custom fields

3. Everyone loves a two-for-one deal.

On the topic of budgets, offering a two-for-one deal is a great way to entice guests who might not have booked with you otherwise to finally take your tour or participate in your activity.

Pro tip: When promoting your two-for-one deal be sure to let your guests know that any two people can take advantage of the deal – not just romantic couples. 

This tactic is especially useful for tours that don’t always sell out, or for tours that are offered during less popular times of the day. Alternatively, consider offering a two-for-one deal, or discount, on your most popular tour or activity for a limited time.

4. Single and ready to mingle, virtually.

Don’t forget about the singles! More and more people are looking to celebrate their singleness on Valentine’s Day, and many others are looking for fun activities they can do with friends and families near and far. Any activity that’s fun for couples is also fun for singles or groups, so make sure to promote your tours to appeal to singles, couples, and families alike.

[2021] Pro tip: Focus on promoting virtual tours and activities where there is a lot of interaction and collaboration – like solving a murder mystery online, participating in a virtual cooking class, or teaming up for a trivia night. 

5. Get playful with your marketing.

Whether you choose to go the romantic route or focus on the fun and silly, make sure to play up the Valentine’s Day theme in your email and social media campaigns with the use of heart emojis, traditional Valentine’s Day colors like pink and red, or cheesy puns. This is the time to break out your corniest lines! 

Pro tip: Create a sense of urgency in your email and social media promotions by using language like “This Weekend Only” or “Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!”.

A fun hashtag is always an easy way to capture more potential customers on social media and solicit user-generated content (UGC). One way to get your followers involved is to ask them to submit ideas for their perfect date (your own ideas should, of course, reflect your tours), or on the flip side, ask them how they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with their families or group of friends. You could even run a social media contest and give away a free tour for two for the most creative answer. People have a lot to say about this holiday, so take advantage of that to drum up some engagement on social media. 

Holidays are the perfect time to break out of your usual marketing routine and do something a little creative, so get started on your Valentine’s Day promotions today. If you’re loving these marketing insights, head over to our digital marketing guides and check out the related guides below for more.

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