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Creative Marketing Tip: Practical & Playful Travel & Tourism Holidays to Promote Year-Round

Last updated on February 27, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Discover unexpected holidays year-round!
  • Explore marketing tips for capitalizing on these unique holidays.

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Nowadays, it seems like every day is an unexpected national holiday! From Paper Bag Day to Talk Like a Pirate Day (Arr, Matey), there’s always a reason to celebrate – no need to wait until the end of the year. With so many holidays out there, it should come as no surprise that many of them are travel and tourism themed.

If you’re looking for unique marketing initiatives year-round and want to bring a fresh approach to your promotions, don’t miss the chance to celebrate these practical and playful travel and tourism holidays.

Add them to your calendar today and start brainstorming fun ways to create new experiences for your guests—who knows, one of them may even become a new annual tradition!

shapeHolidays From January to March

Shop for Travel Day | January 12

Shop for Travel Day is all about planning that next trip and taking advantage of travel deals. This day is a great opportunity to promote your gift cards.

Plan for Vacation Day | January 26

After shopping for the best travel deals, Plan for Vacation Day serves as a reminder for working adults to plan their days off and map out their vacation time for the rest of the year so they can be sure to get the R&R they deserve. Post a reminder on social media encouraging people to plan their vacation and request time off work ahead of schedule!

More Weird & Wonderful Holidays This Quarter

  • Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14: A day to get our furry friends involved! Post pictures on social media and encourage your followers to share their costumed pet photos as well. 
  • Have Fun at Work Day, January 27: This is a great opportunity to show off your staff loving what they do every day—and it helps to personalize your business.
  • Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, March 29: If you’re a mom & pop operation, take some time to share your company’s origin story on social media or in a blog.

shapeHolidays From April to June

Walking Day | April 5

If you offer walking tours, this day is for you! Celebrate with a discount on your walking tours or any other booking special that comes to mind.

Even if your business doesn’t run walking tours, you can celebrate this holiday by posting a blog with tips on visiting your city or location on foot.

National Travel & Tourism Week | May 7-13

A whole week dedicated to travel and tourism! No matter what kind of experiences you offer, this week is the perfect time to draw new eyes to your business. Here are just a few ways to celebrate.

  • Feature a different tour guide or staff member each day on social media. Share their name, time spent working at your business, favorite food, dream travel destination, and other fun facts to create a personal connection with your audience.
  • Create promos that guests can take advantage of all week long.
  • Send an email newsletter sharing how your business plans to celebrate the week.
  • Partner with other local businesses to create shared experiences.

National Fishing and Boating Week | June 3-11

a large ship in a body of water

Boating tour operators of all kinds—from pontoon boat rentals to fishing tours—should take advantage of this wonderful holiday. What better way to entice people to spend some time on the water than by creating fun social media posts about boating in your area? Or you could share a blog with a list of the best spots in your area to spend some time on the water.

More Weird & Wonderful Holidays This Quarter

  • Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, April 16: Encourage your staff to work in their comfies (as long as safety & weather allows!).
  • Pizza Party Day, May 19: Surprise your staff or guests with a pizza delivery during their tour. You could also partner with a local pizza joint for the day and cross-promote each other.
  • National Selfie Day, June 21: Everyone loves a good selfie. Bring a selfie stick on your tours and encourage guests to use it to document their experience with youthen share on social media.

shapeHolidays From July to September

International Beer Day | August 4

Beer tour operators, rejoice! There’s a beer for pretty much every occasion—consider partnering with a local brewery to offer specials to your guests before or after their tour.

Wildlife Day | September 4

Chances are, if your experiences take place outside, guests might catch a glimpse of local wildlife! Share photos from past tours of some of the animals people can see on a tour with your business, or host a social media contest asking past guests to share their own photos of the animals they saw on a tour.

More Weird & Wonderful Holidays This Quarter

  • World Emoji Day, July 17: Ask your staff & guests to share the emoji that best represents how they felt participating in your tour, and reply with your own.
  • Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day, September 13: Do you offer food tours or cooking classes? Use this day to encourage parents to bring the kids along or offer a special youth-centric offering to help inspire the next generation of chefs and foodies.

shapeHolidays From October to December

Food Day | October 24

From cooking classes to food and wine tasting tours, today is your day. Get creative by sharing unique recipes or updating readers on a new tour offering. Even if your business is not focused on food, consider making a blog or social post about the best places to eat in your area and share it with your guests before or after their experience with you.

Take a Hike Day | November 17

a group of people in a field with a mountain in the background

If you offer hiking or walking tours, be sure to promote your business leading up to Take a Hike Day to get people excited to get outside. Share packing lists, your top favorite hikes in the area, or give people a deal when they book, such as free trail maps or a branded water bottle.

More Weird & Wonderful Holidays This Quarter

  • International Coffee Day, October 1: Who doesn’t enjoy a good coffee? Make sure your guests are well caffeinated so they can make the most of all your tour or activity has to offer.
  • Get To Know Your Customers Day, October 19: Customers are at the heart and soul of everything you do. Ask each of your guests to share some of their favorite travel memories with you and kick off what’s sure to be an inspiring conversation for all.

These unusual and lesser celebrated holidays are only some of the many special days to promote each year. No matter what type of experiences you offer, you’ll definitely find a day dedicated to doing what you love.

These unusual and lesser celebrated holidays are only some of the many special days to promote each year. No matter what type of experiences you offer, you’re sure to find a day dedicated to doing what you love. 

Depending on the types of activities you offer, keep an eye out for Art Day, Haunted House Day, Axe Throwing Day, Horse Day, and more. A quick Google search will give you the date and details so you can start planning your outreach strategy well before your holiday of choice.

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