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How To Improve the Customer Experience at Your Rental Business

Last updated on October 19, 2022
5 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • You can still impact customer experience as a rental business.
  • Making sure customers are prepared for their rental experience makes a huge difference.
  • Small offerings can help customers feel cared for and impressed by your business.

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Just because you’re not providing a guided tour doesn’t mean you don’t have any control of your customers’ experiences. From the minute they book an equipment rental with your company, your customer is relying on you to help the process go as smoothly as possible

Earning a five-star rating doesn’t just come from face-to-face customer communication. There are subtle ways you can help prepare your customers to have the best time without being by their sides for the whole experience.

Make Sure Customers Are Prepared

Nobody knows better than you what your customers need to know before they pick up their kayak, ATV, or other rental equipment. It can be easy to assume your customers already know what to bring, what to wear, or where to go. The truth is, people generally feel more comfortable when more information is provided upfront. 

Make sure to use your activity pages and confirmation emails to include as many details as possible. Some basic information to include is:

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Helpful resources to include on an activity page

  • A packing list
  • Parking instructions
  • Detailed directions to your location
  • Step-by-step instructions for checking out equipment
  • Local insights on weather patterns 
  • Local resources and additional activities in the area

Customers will also be looking at your website’s photos to know what to expect. Make sure you have high-quality, up to date photos that share a true reflection of your current inventory.

Customers also want to know how much to budget upfront. Make sure to include add-ons, like dry bags, life jackets, etc., with any additional charges. Customers will feel even more ready to go if you also include an option to sign your activity waiver online. 

Offer Resources for Routes & Locations in Your Area

While you’re not providing a guided tour, your customers are often coming from out of town. They view you as the local expert in your area. Having maps and trail recommendations handy at your site or linked in your confirmation email or on your website can help your customers prepare for their rental experience. 

If there aren’t existing maps of your area, it may be worth investing in making your own. While some customers may prefer to explore with no plan, some will feel more confident having routes to follow. This is an extra perk that will make your business stand out by having your customers’ needs in mind. 

Pro Tip: Be prepared to offer suggestions for routes based on current weather in the area and your customers’ skill levels.

Provide Additional Amenities

While traveling, one of the most sought-out amenities customers look for are clean restrooms. Your ski equipment may be top-tier, but a customer may be upset your facility doesn’t provide updated amenities to help them feel comfortable. 

Including locker options, a snack bar, a gift shop, and changing rooms helps customers get ready for their rental activity while they’re traveling. This helps them purchase anything they forgot as well as take care of their needs before they hit the slopes, the trails, or the water. Not only does this provide your business with another income source, but it also gives your customers options for gathering the essentials.

Go Above and Beyond for Customers

It often only takes a small personal touch to impress your customers. Maybe you offer the newest and cleanest kayaks around but it’s not until you include dry bags that the five-star ratings start coming in. Although your team doesn’t come along for a tour, maybe they can help by loading equipment and offering advice before customers take off. 

Evaluate what small steps you can take to set your rental experience apart that are within your team’s capacity and budget. For example, can you offer a grace period on late returns in your policy? By listening to customers and your team, we’re sure you can find small ways to improve your customer experience. 

Just because you’re not spending a lot of face time with your customers doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly impress them with your customer service. Follow these steps and pay attention to the small ways you can make a big difference in the happiness of everyone who walks through your doors. Find out more ways to get customer feedback here.

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