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Simplify Your Check-In Process: The Benefits of Using an Electronic Waiver

Last updated on May 20, 2021
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • A streamlined check-in process makes for happier guests.
  • Digital backups create peace of mind for operators.
  • Get to know your customers & refine future marketing efforts.

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Why Electronic Waivers Are Important

Electronic waivers – just like traditional paper waivers –  are a useful tool for protecting tour and activity operators from negligence liability. Whether a company offers high-adrenaline zip line rides or horseback riding tours, requiring customers to sign a release of liability form protects a business from lawsuits in the event of an injury.

As a tour and activity operator, keeping customers happy and providing an awesome tour is your first priority. After all, happy guests write good reviews, recommend your business to friends and family, and even return for additional tours. Electronic waivers make the process of preparing for a tour much easier for customers. Nobody really wants to fill out a waiver, but having access to the form digitally allows customers to complete it at their convenience. It also saves time when guests arrive for their tour.

From streamlining the signing process to decreasing liability and even saving paper, integrating electronic waivers with the FareHarbor Dashboard is helpful for you and your customers. Read on to learn why these waivers are so essential for businesses and how to go digital today!

5 Reasons to Use Electronic Waivers

1. Go 100% Digital

There are many benefits to going digital across all aspects of a business, especially when it comes to using electronic waivers. Electronic waivers can be sent by email or even completed at a kiosk when guests arrive. If you choose to use email, guests can complete their waivers ahead of time, at their convenience.

For people who like to plan ahead, electronic waivers offer the freedom to complete this task when it best suits them. Need to access the waiver later? Since it’s being stored digitally, finding the information is a breeze.

2. Save Paper

Another benefit of using electronic waivers is to save paper, which is good for the environment — and your wallet! Companies that print waivers for guests to sign during arrival might be spending more on paper and ink than they realize. According to Cartridge World, the average cost of ink cartridges can be as high as $150 a year, and that’s after spending a few hundred dollars on a quality printer (not to mention any maintenance costs). Additionally, most companies are missing out on 10% to 30% of potential savings due to printing costs (Marco).

Printing can also have an effect on customers. Depending on the type of tour being offered and where guests are coming from, there’s a good chance they will do a bit of preparation beforehand. From what to wear and what to bring, to traveling and planning things to do in the area, travelers often have their hands full. The last thing they want to remember is to print a liability waiver and bring it with them. Completing it online ahead of time gives them the peace of mind that everything is ready for the tour.

Finally, no paper means no risk of losing or damaging files. Don’t let stored waivers be at the mercy of flood, fire, or other disasters. Skip the file folders and store liability waivers digitally for safekeeping.

3.Decrease Liability

Did you know that electronic waivers are governed by their own signature laws? In addition to contract law, electronic waivers are protected by two other laws that give them the same weight as paper transactions. 

Digital waivers also make it simple to add a statement detailing which jurisdiction or state laws will apply in the event of a lawsuit. This protects a business from having to defend a lawsuit in an out-of-state court or different jurisdiction.

4. Streamline Booking & Check-in Processes

Electronic waivers reduce the number of people signing liability waivers the day of the tour by encouraging them to sign it ahead of time. Guests are likely excited and eager to start the tour — don’t make them wait any longer than they have to. Integrate a digital waiver solution with your FareHarbor Dashboard to streamline the check-in process and easily see which waivers have been signed. Easily view all of this information through the manifest during check-in.

Streamlining the tour preparation process helps you stand out from the competition and improve customer experience.

5. Use Waivers for Outreach & Marketing

As a  tour operator, understanding who your customers are is everything. Understanding the key demographics of your guests — such as age, gender, and home city — be used in future marketing efforts. But how do you know that this information is accurate?

When guests sign a digital waiver, you can automatically gather demographic information about them that should be accurate. Digital waiver solutions like Smartwaiver offer graphs that enable you to view details about customer demographics in a way that makes sense. For example, see the average age of your customers, when they visit your business, and more. Knowing these facts will help target specific audiences through different marketing channels. For more information on how to reach your customers, see our digital marketing guides.

Next steps

Feeling ready to go digital? If you already use liability waivers, making the switch to electronic waivers is simple and convenient. Learn more about our current digital waiver partners to choose the one that’s right for your business. 



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