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7 Customer Service Tips to Give Your Guests an Amazing Experience

Last updated on May 13, 2022
10 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Customer service starts before your customers even book a tour.
  • Customer service includes guest interactions and user experience on your website.
  • Staying calm and listening are the top two ways to practice great customer service.

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Tour and activity providers must have stellar customer service skills in order to run their business more smoothly, get positive reviews, and stay successful. You and your employees interact with guests every day, and while tour guides and reservationists are the face of your operation, it’s vital for every role in your business to master the art of customer service.

77% of consumers think good customer service is critical to earning brand loyalty and generating business. – Netomi

One of the best parts of the tourism industry is meeting new people from all over the world. But, this means that no two interactions will be exactly the same. You’ll learn from real life experience, but it’s worth it to have a few customer service basics up your sleeve.

This guide will cover seven customer service tips that will help you handle any situation your day throws at you.  

shapeBefore the Tour or Activity

Customer service starts before your customers even decide to book. Your overall goal is always to attract more customers, so you should try to impress your guests from the moment they hear about your company. 

Create a User-Friendly Website

Your potential customers will likely look you up online, so you must create a quality website as this is their first impression of your business. They should be able to find information about anything they’re looking for and know how to reach you.

To create a more user-friendly site, avoid pop-ups, clearly label each page so navigation is easy, and describe your offerings with as much detail as possible.

Anticipate (and Answer!) Questions

graphical user interface, text, application, email

As in any industry, your customer will inevitably have questions. Whether they are simple, such as “how early should I arrive for my booking?”, or more intricate, like “how can I sign my waiver?”, these details should appear on your website. 

A great way to do this is by adding an FAQ page to your website. Add all commonly asked questions so guests can easily find out the most pertinent information about your business. You can also add new questions as you go, since more inquiries will likely come up. 

That being said, there will always be questions unable to be answered with an FAQ page. In this case, include a contact page so customers know how to get in touch with you quickly.

Have a Fast Response Time

People will be reaching out in several different ways, whether that be phone, text, email, or social media. It is vital to respond to each inquiry as fast as possible so you do not lose out on any potential bookings.

Pro Tip: Go the extra mile! Show guests you are prepared by setting up automated reminder emails to go out a day before the tour with info on where to park, how to get there, what to bring, and any other details.

shapeDuring the Tour or Activity

As guests arrive for their tour, great customer service is key to giving them the best experience. From the reservationist to the tour guide, and even the managers and other staff, each interaction should be pleasant and informative.

No matter what type of tours or activities you run, you will ultimately run into some angry, upset, or aggressive customers. Here are a few ways to help the situation.

Be Empathetic and Listen 

Even in the chance you cannot help a guest with their issue, it is vital to listen to the customer and work to understand what the problem is. This shows that you care about the outcome and want to provide assistance. It will never help to simply say “sorry” and ignore the situation.

Ultimately, you should treat every customer with respect, even if they decide to treat you poorly. This will help you get good referrals as well as positive reviews. 

Be Engaging and Enjoy What You Do

We all have off days – but it is important to work through that and always give your guests a great experience. People can tell if you do not like your job, which can lead to fewer tips, negative reviews, and angry customers. 

No matter your role, when you enjoy what you do each day, it will show to every customer you come in contact with. This will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone who comes to the business each day.

Pro Tip: As a business owner, it all starts at the hiring process. When you find the right people to work at your company, it will come across to your customers. Capable, passionate employees will help your offerings come alive. Find out how to hire great workers in this guide!

Stay Calm

When a negative situation escalates, the best thing to do is stay calm. This will hopefully appease the angry customer, but will also make your other guests feel safe. Head over here for tips to deal with challenging customers.

If all else fails, be sure to grab another employee or a manager to help if a situation gets out of hand.

shapeAfter the Tour or Activity

There is no need to neglect customer service after the tour or activity finishes! You still have the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with each customer. This will help bring in more reviews, get you more referrals, and hopefully some repeat customers.

Send Follow-up Emails

To get more reviews and to thank your customers for coming to your business, you should send follow-up emails. With our software partners, Podium and Yonder, you can set up automated review requests following an experience. This will show that you care about each customer that books with you, and want to hear their feedback. 

In the follow-up email, you can also ask them to follow you on social media to increase engagement or join your newsletter to build customer loyalty. 

Customer service is a key component to the success of your business. Every member of your operation is involved, whether they are behind-the-scenes, answering questions on social media, or if they have face time with your guests running each tour. Now you’re ready to start your busy season off strong!

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