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You’ve Got the Power (Words) to Improve Your Conversions

Last updated on September 23, 2021
17 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Power words trigger emotion, build trust, and inspire action.
  • Use language strategically to increase your conversions.
  • Perform A/B tests to find the power words that work best for you.

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Words are powerful. We’ve all experienced their potential for persuasion in some form or another. And when it comes to your marketing efforts, choosing the right (or the wrong) word could make all the difference between earning or losing a booking. 

Through trial and error, plus some scientific research, marketers have discovered power words — words that lead to more conversions. So what exactly do we mean by a power word? Power words have the ability to a lot of marketing heavy lifting and can pack a powerful punch — they can:

  • Catch readers’ attention
  • Tap into readers’ emotions
  • Create a sense of curiosity
  • Inspire action
  • Build trust
  • Communicate something specific 
  • Convert browsers into bookers!

How Do Power Words Work?

We often unconsciously make decisions based on the emotions that are triggered by words and other signals, and marketers can use this knowledge to tap into those emotions using certain words. There is plenty of research out there on this topic, but one of the best-founded approaches is the Limbic model, named after the part of the brain responsible for emotions, motivation, and behavior. 

This model uses a Limbic map to categorize more than 60 emotion-based motivations. There are three main categories: adventure/thrill, fantasy/pleasure, and discipline/control. Some of the motivations on the Limbic map include: 


Sociability Humor
Ease Trust
Extravagance Impulsiveness
Quality Reliable

While it’s interesting to understand the responses power words trigger in our brains, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to use them effectively! Let’s take a look at how you can apply power words in your marketing efforts. 

Where Should You Use Power Words?

You should be intentional about word choice in every piece of content you put out to the world, from the activity descriptions on your website to your social media campaigns and marketing materials. But when it comes to boosting conversions, there are a few places where power words will make the biggest difference. 

One of the most important spots are your CTAs (calls to action). All of the buttons on your website, landing pages, and emails should have clear, enticing language that motivates action. 

Next up are headings. These will catch the readers’ attention as they scan through the page, so make sure they’re attention-grabbing enough to make readers stop scrolling and read the text. 

Finally, any blurb of text that precedes a CTA button, sign-up form, or any other place where you want readers to take an action should tap into power words to drive users to convert. 

Tips for Using Power Words

Context matters. Stuffing your heading or button full of as many power words as possible will signal to readers that you’re trying too hard, and it can even look spammy. Instead, choose your words carefully, using the ones that fit naturally in the context and are most likely to appeal to your readers. 

While the marketing power words we share below have been proven to work for many marketers, every situation is unique, and you need to choose your words accordingly. Don’t assume that what works for another business will work for yours. The only way to find what power words inspire your customers is through testing! Choose a few power words that fit in well with your context and perform an A/B test to start refining your strategy and discover which words have the most impact. 

The Top Power Words & When to Use Them

Now let’s get into the reason you’re here! Here are some of the most popular, effective power words that you can start incorporating into your content to boost conversions. 

shape The Big Five

These five words are widely thought to be the most persuasive in the English language. They’re tried and true, proven time and again to boost conversions. You can use them all throughout your copy — just don’t overdo it. 

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. New
  5. Instantly

magnifying glassAction Words

These words inspire readers to take action, such as booking a tour or signing up for a newsletter. Verbs are some of the most effective words to use in your CTAs!


Enter Explore
Get Go
Join Receive
Shop Start
Try Submit

shapeTrust Words

These words instill trust in readers and make them more likely to choose your business. Use them throughout your website copy, marketing copy, and activity descriptions. 


Absolute Genuine Proven
Approve Guaranteed Recognized
Authentic Honest Refund
Authority/authoritative Lifetime Reliable
Best Memorable Respected
Detailed Private/privacy Safe/safety
Dependable Professional Tested
Expert Promise Ultimate

shapeWords That Create Urgency

These words encourage readers to act now before it’s too late. They generate a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), which is a huge motivator for travelers. Use them in blurbs right above CTAs to drive readers toward that book button! 


Don’t miss out Limited/limited time
Hurry Now
Final Once in a lifetime
Last chance Today

shapeBelonging/Community Words

These words inspire readers to join others who are already enjoying your tours or activities. They tap into a desire to belong to a community of like-minded people. They work well when you’re inviting people to join a membership program, volunteer, or subscribe to a newsletter. 


Become a member Insider
Connect Support
Join Together

shapePrestige Words

These words speak to a desire for exclusive, top-of-the-line experiences, making them especially useful in our industry. Use them in activity descriptions and throughout your website and marketing materials. 


Amazing Exclusive Spectacular
Awe-inspiring Gorgeous Staggering
Beautiful Jaw-Dropping Stunning
Breathtaking Magical Wonderful
Daring Premier VIP
Elegant Premium
Enchanting Remarkable  

word bubble that says "easy"Words that Convey Simplicity

This is another category that is especially well-suited to our industry. Travelers want to relax and enjoy their trip without worrying about details or planning. These words express the ease of your experiences. Use them in your activity descriptions, marketing materials, and social media campaigns to tell readers why they should book with you. 


Accessible Efficient
All-inclusive Effortless
Complete Instant
Comprehensive Minutes
Easy Simple

a close up of a logoContest/Giveaway Words

These words entice readers to participate in a contest or enter a giveaway. Use them in social media campaigns and special promotions.


Bonus Giveaway
Enter Prize
Free Reward
Gift Win

The right words can make an impact on readers and lead them to make that final decision to book with you. As you’re writing or editing your copy, be deliberate about your word choice and make sure you’re using every opportunity to convert the reader into a customer. Remember to use the words naturally in your copy and don’t overstuff it with power words. Just one word can make a difference! 

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