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Unlocking Repeat Business: 6 Strategies to Re-Engage Holiday Shoppers

Last updated on February 2, 2024
4 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Use post-holiday marketing to build relationships with your customers.
  • Segmenting email lists with targeted messaging will bring better results.
  • Use data from this year's holiday campaign to plan for next year.

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If you ran a holiday marketing campaign last year, you likely added new customers to your email and marketing lists. For example, you might have offered incentives for people to sign up for your newsletter or enticed new customers to book with a can’t-miss deal.

To ensure these new leads and customers keep coming back for more, we’ve put together a handy guide with simple ways to build these new customer relationships and keep your business top of mind.

1. Segment Your New Contact List

You will get better marketing results by separating new and potential customers into different categories. You can break down your new contact list by how they heard about your business, what item or gift card they purchased, if they recently signed up for your mailing list, and more. 

Segmented lists allow you to target each group with unique, tailored messaging which increases relevance and, in turn, the chance of a sale. 

2. Show Some Extra Love to Your Holiday Shoppers

Once you have a list of customers who purchased a gift card or booked a tour as a result of your holiday campaign, it’s time to re-engage! You can encourage repeat bookings by thanking these customers for their sale in an email. 

Pro tip: Include links to all of your social media accounts in your email and ask these new contacts to follow you. This will not only improve your social engagement, but will also create another touch point to promote your business. 

3. Pave the Way for Future Purchases

Whether you ran a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or general holiday promotion, you can show appreciation to these shoppers by giving them a discount, like 10% off a new booking. 

Depending on what their original purchase was, you might also suggest additional experiences that they’d be interested in like a new activity, season opening information, or an early-bird discount. Perhaps include a CTA encouraging them to purchase an add-on or merchandise as well. 

4. Share High-Value Informational Content

If you are spending time creating quality blogs, area guides, or social media videos, maximize your reach by sharing these resources with new customers. Include a callout within your email with links to these articles to showcase your expertise and nurture a connection beyond sales. 

5. Ask Holiday Purchasers for Feedback

For the people who went on your holiday tours and activities, now is a great time to ask for their feedback. By sending a survey, you will learn more about the customer experience while also making them feel valued and heard.  

6. Get a Jump Start on the Next Holiday Season

Take some time to identify which holiday marketing strategies had the best performance. Depending on the type of campaign you utilized, you might look at open rate, ROI, or engagement on social media, for example. 

Keep this data in your back pocket moving into the next holiday season so you can repeat what worked and improve upon what didn’t.

As you plan your follow-up communications, be sure to stick to best practices for email marketing like using send time optimization and perfecting the email’s preview text. And, remember to track the success of post-holiday emails so you can continue to make improvements. 

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