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Safeguard Your Business and Simplify Processes with FareHarbor Waivers

Last updated on May 14, 2024
4 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • FareHarbor's in-house waiver solution is here!
  • Streamline your waiver management with this easy-to-use tool.
  • Customize your waivers to fit your specific business needs.

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FareHarbor’s in-house waiver solution is here! You can now streamline your waiver management directly in your Dashboard — no third-party needed. 

By implementing this new tool, your customers can sign their waivers seamlessly after checkout and you can quickly view each customer’s waiver status at a glance.

This new solution is designed to make waiver management effortless while innately safeguarding your business. Read on for more information on the benefits of FareHarbor waivers and uncover why you should integrate them to your Dashboard today.

4 reasons to take advantage of FareHarbor waivers

  • It’s free: Save thousands every year with this free-of-charge tool.
  • Everything you need in one place: Fully-integrated to FareHarbor, you can seamlessly set up and add waivers to your offerings — without the hassle of navigating third-party solutions.
  • Maintain branding and establish trust: With waiver signing happening directly in your booking flow, you can stick to your business’s branding and make customers feel more secure. 
  • Build your marketing list: Grow your reach by giving your customers the option to opt into future marketing communications. 

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Customize FareHarbor waivers to fit your business needs

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all waiver.  With that in mind, you can tailor your waivers to match your specific business requirements. Create one that covers all of your offerings or, if necessary, make a different type for each experience.

You can address the specific risks that are unique to your operations to ensure you are giving your business comprehensive coverage. For example, a zip line tour will have varied liabilities in comparison to a food and walking tour. 

Please note that we can not accommodate specific custom fields within your waiver, so you will not be able to collect information like age, weight, and height. For more information on FareHarbor waivers’ capabilities, please visit our Help Center.

Still on the fence about switching to online waivers?

While you may be used to having your customers sign paper waivers when they arrive on site, there are many advantages to using an online solution. You will reduce check-in time, gain easy access and organization of past waivers and customer data, and minimize your environmental impact by saving the trees!

But don’t worry, with FareHarbor waivers you will also have the ability to print out the forms if needed. 

Legal Note! Please know that you are responsible for ensuring the waivers you create and distribute meet legal requirements. FareHarbor cannot provide legal advice or be held responsible for errors or omissions.  

If you are interested in getting  your FareHarbor waiver solution set up, visit our Help Center or reach out to Support today!

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