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Unlock More Sales with Combos: The Ultimate Revenue-Boosting Solution

Last updated on April 22, 2024
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Combos lets yours customer purchase 2 or more experiences at once.
  • Use this feature to seamlessly increase your average basket value per booking.
  • Bundle your experiences intentionally to boost conversions.

Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Have your customers been asking for the ability to buy multiple tours and activities in one checkout experience? Well now they can! 

Combos makes it easier than ever to upsell to your customers and seamlessly bring in higher total sales at the time of booking. By implementing this feature, you will promote your other business offerings to sell as an add-on within a single booking flow.

For example, imagine your customer purchased one of your half day hiking tours. Your combo options can include another half day excursion in a similar area, a gift card, or a rental for hiking poles. 

If you’re wondering if combos are the right fit for your business, this guide will showcase a few of the ways you can use combos to sell more tours and activities.

Benefits of using combos

FareHarbor clients currently using combos have already seen a 19% increase in bookings with 2 or more items in a single order. This feature encourages a boost in the number of items checked out per cart — which means the average basket value per order is growing and leads to higher overall revenue.

Below are a few more  ways your business can benefit from this game-changing feature. 

  1. Unlock more revenue in a single booking flow: Effortlessly sell  more tours and activities during a single checkout to increase your customer’s total booking price.
  2. Reduce booking fatigue: It can become tiresome for a customer to input their booking details several times in a row to purchase extra experiences. Now they won’t have to!
  3. Power marketing campaigns: Running a promotion or marketing campaign? Increase your reach for specific tours and activities by including them within your combos options. 
  4. Offer discounts to stand out from competition: Supercharge your sales with exclusive combos discounts that can set you apart from other operators.

Strategic combo creation: How to bundle your tours and activities

While it may seem enticing to combine as many offerings as possible to maximize your sales, it’s important to be thoughtful when choosing which options to bundle with any given experience. 

We recommend having three or less options to be upsold with combos. We have found that any more can increase booking fatigue which will hurt conversions.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on which activities you should bundle.

graphical user interface, website

FareHarbor client, Mad Moose Rentals

  • Round-trip items: Items that are naturally paired with another, like a ferry ticket, are ideal to sell together in an upsell combo. You can even offer the return ticket at a discount.
  • New items: To get more eyes on your latest offering, pair your best selling items with new offerings in a discount combo to push those sales.
  • Add-on items: Items that can be sold as an add-on to another item work well together, with or without a discount. For example, if you run a scenic train ride, you can offer a tea service on top of the ride itself. 
  • Complementary items: If you offer a plethora of activities or rentals, you can upsell with similar items that may be enjoyed in the same location. For instance, say you run a water sports business, you can offer together water rafting and kayak tours OR sunset sail and snorkeling OR ATV rental and jet ski adventure.

Ultimately, you want to think like your customers. Consider their typical preferences and booking habits, then make your combos accordingly.

Boost sales through smart packaging: How to market combos 

Packaging your combos successfully will increase sales and improve the customer experience.  You know your business best so it’s important to spend some time considering which items will work well with one another. 

You can also test your combos pairings to ensure you are bringing in the most revenue possible. If a few weeks go by and nobody adds on a certain upsell, it’s time to switch it up.

Marketing tips for selling combos:

  • Ensure your customers view combos as a great deal. At this time, combos will show up once the customer has filled out their booking information for their first item, but before they have inputted their payment details.  If adding on another item comes at a discount, put that information front and center: “Add this activity for 20% off its normal price!”
  • Represent your combos deals throughout your website, email, social and other marketing efforts. Use your customer communications to your advantage by promoting your combos deals. You can target specific returning customers or send out general comms that you are running a promotion. Even if your combos offer different discounted prices: “Get 10%-20% off when you book two activities at the same time.”

Many clients have found success when implementing combos and you could too! They are a great tool to increase sales and create a more seamless checkout experience for your customers if set up strategically. If you are interested in implementing this feature, follow the steps in our Help Page or submit a ticket to our Support team.

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