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Need Blog Inspiration? Write a “Know Before You Go” Post

Last updated on July 6, 2021
9 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Boost your SEO by providing local insights, travel tips, and off-the-beaten path recommendations.
  • Establish trust in your business by providing important information — from weather preparation to safety advice.
  • Highlight what visitors to your area need to know before arriving at your location.

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Are you in need of some new ideas for your next blog post? We certainly know the feeling. If you’ve exhausted the topics in this blogging guide, try your hand at writing a “Know Before You Go” blog post. 

The “Know Before You Go” post is highly versatile and encompasses a wide range of topics, from places to stay to and things to do to the best restaurants in your area. It serves as a chance for you to show off your local expertise and capture potential customers in the early stages of their customer journey — we encourage you to get a little playful with it and make it your own!

For users in the dreaming, research, or planning stages of the customer journey, this type of blog post provides valuable information that helps them make decisions about their upcoming trip. Even if they’re not yet in the booking stage of their journey, they’re likely to remember your website (and consider booking a tour with you!) if they find valuable local resources in your blog post.

In addition to helping users research their next vacation, a “Know Before You Go” blog post has the potential to boost your SEO. For starters, it gives you the opportunity to target local keywords as you write about things to do in your area. Similarly, it can offer link building opportunities if you feature local businesses and do outreach for backlinks. Plus, by sharing your local expertise, you improve E-A-T – expertise, authority, and trust – on your website and show visitors that you are the top authority in your area.

Here are some of the topics to include in a “Know Before You Go” blog post.

Getting Around

It can be difficult to get around a city you’ve never visited before, especially if you’re not familiar with the public transportation or ride share options. Do a bit of research to inform your guests about the best ways to get around your location.

Pro tip: Do you offer transportation with your tours and activities? This is a good spot to advertise that!

Food & Drink

One of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods and finding the best places to eat. If you operate food or drink tours, this addition to your blog post is a no-brainer. But even if your offerings have nothing to do with the great eats in your area, you can still show off your local expertise by highlighting a few of your favorite spots around town.

Check out this example from

Pro tip: Here’s a great chance for some link building! Write about local restaurants and reach out to them for backlinks to your blog post.

Area Attractions & Things to Do

a group of palm trees on the side of a building

What’s your town or city known for? Whether it’s a famous museum or nature reserve, users are sure to appreciate some local insight into all the must-see spots around your city and ideas for things to do. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to list your own tours and activities as fun things to do as well!


This section will resonate with a younger crowd (or any parents traveling without their kids!). Create a list of your favorite bars and clubs. Bonus points for taking the time to explain why you like each venue — for example: great music, creative drink options, ideal for dancing late into the night, or intimate and romantic. 

Hotels & Places to Stay

List a few hotels or private home rentals that you’d recommend to out-of-town guests. Learn more about how tour operators can capitalize on the vacation rentals trend in this Compass guide

a house with a pool table

Local Customs & Additional Tips

Depending on where you’re located, you probably have helpful tips to offer to foreign travelers. For example:

  • If the businesses in your town accept credit cards or tend to only accept cash. 
  • A brief explanation of the local currency and standard gratuity practices.
  • General practices on public restrooms, and if they are paid or free.
  • Clothing requirements when entering religious spaces.

In general, try to think of any local customs or requirements that wouldn’t be obvious to a foreign visitor!

Pro tip: Ask your tour guides, friends, and family to read the blog and offer suggestions on anything you might have missed. Even better if you can get an out-of-towner to review your blog before publishing!

Getting Started

These topics are a great place to start for planning your blog content, but you can always expand on this idea to include additional content you think would be useful to readers.

To give your blog even more of an SEO boost, do keyword research to see what people want to know about your area. You can also find ideas right on the SERP, in the People also ask section.

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Ready to write your own “Know Before You Go” guide? Get some additional blogging tips in our complete list of blogging do’s & don’ts.

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