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Got Blogger’s Block? Creative Blogging Ideas for Tour & Activity Operators

Last updated on February 12, 2021
15 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Blogging about complementary products and services can boost your links and readership.
  • Get inspired with our blogging ideas by activity type!

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

As a business owner or marketer blogging probably isn’t a totally new idea to you – but whether you’re just getting started or are looking for inspiration to take your blog to the next level it can sometimes be difficult to know what to write about. One of the most important things to keep in mind when blogging is that your content should always provide a benefit to your readers. When brainstorming new blog ideas a unique angle to explore is to provide information that would be useful or interesting to your readers that are complementary to your business – without directly competing with it.

What do we mean by writing complementary content?

Well, for example, an operator that offers hiking tours could write a blog that rounds the best hiking boots based on skill level or type of terrain and outline the pros and cons for their readers.  The blog wouldn’t explicitly promote their tours in any overt way, but their readers are likely to be highly interested in the topic and it helps to establish the writer as a trustworthy expert in their field.

Why should you care?

This type of blog post can help create sought-after backlinks, boost your readership, and expose your website to new visitors, all while providing quality content to your readers — the right kind of content could even go viral! The bottom line – creating trustworthy and useful content that is not self-promotional improves the chances of the blog post being shared and amplified online – the ultimate goal of any great blog!

Looking for inspiration? Look no further!

We’ve rounded up a list of blogging ideas for some of the most popular tour and activity types to help give you some inspiration for your blog. 

Get Inspired: Ideas by Activity Type

shapeSightseeing & City Tours

Sightseeing tours take many forms depending on the location — a bustling city, a historic town, a remote island — and the mode of transportation — on foot, bus, trolley, bike, and more. Think about what guests on a sightseeing trip might want to know that they won’t learn or experience on your tours. 

  • The best eco-friendly ways to get around [your location]
  • The top attractions in [your location] and when to visit
  • The best local eateries in [your location] to visit after your tour!
  • The top [#] DSLR cameras for landscape photographers

shapeWater Activities

Some of the best adventures happen on the water, whether it’s boat tours, sailing excursions, fishing trips, kayak or SUP tours, or underwater experiences like snorkeling and scuba diving. Blog about your knowledge of water activity equipment and more! 

  • The best fishing equipment for [type of fishing] 
  • Our top [#] boating shoes/sailing shoes 
  • How to choose the right scuba gear 
  • What type of scuba certification should you get?
  • The top waterproof cameras of [year]
  • The best treatments for seasickness and when to take them 

shapeCulinary Tours 

Whether you offer food tours, cooking classes, pub crawls, winery/brewery/distillery tours, or all of the above, share your expertise on your area’s culinary scene! 

  • The best [wines/beers/spirits] made in [your location] 
  • Our [#] favorite cocktail recipes using [local spirits]
  • The top [#] [your location] snacks to buy as souvenirs 
  • Our favorite kitchen equipment to make [a local delicacy in your area]
  • [#] meals [your location] is known for


While surfing is one of the most popular water sports, it requires a lot of knowledge about the ocean and surf equipment. As a surfing instructor or surfboard rental business, you’re perfectly positioned to share your knowledge. 

  • The best surfboards for beginner/intermediate/advanced surfers 
  • Our favorite surfboard wax brands of [year]
  • Our top surf inspiration accounts on social media 
  • Where to surf in [your location] throughout the year

shapeOutdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventures attract all sorts of travelers, from families to thrillseekers. Think about the needs of the people who typically book your tours or activities, whether it’s white water rafting, ziplining, hiking, horseback riding, or ATV adventures. 

  • The best hiking boots of [year]
  • The best gear for bringing kids on an outdoor adventure 
  • The top rugged cameras for outdoor adventures 
  • What to bring on a multi-day excursion 
  • The top tents/sleeping bags/backpacking gear for multi-day excursions

shapeAttractions & Museums

When it comes to cultural experiences and attractions, consider your target audience, whether they’re history buffs, art enthusiasts, or just love to learn about different places and cultures. 

  • Our favorite books about [your location’s] history
  • The best spots to see street art in [your location]
  • The most interesting historic streets and buildings in [your location]
  • The top souvenirs to buy when you visit [your location] (Use this opportunity to highlight local businesses and artisans!)

shapeIndoor Adventures

Indoor adventures like escape rooms or axe throwing are great for groups of friends looking for a good time or hoping to find the perfect venue for a celebration. When it comes to axe throwing or escape rooms, the average person might not know much about the activity, so provide information and tips about how to make the most of the experience.

  • The [#] best mystery games and puzzles for escape room enthusiasts
  • The [#] top throwing axes for beginners to experts
  • 5 tips for solving an escape room
  • How to plan the ultimate [escape room, axe throwing, other activity] bachelor/bachelorette party

shapeWildlife & Eco-Tours

When it comes to wildlife experiences and eco-tours, guests are likely looking for local knowledge and expertise. Share what you know about the flora and fauna in your area to help people prepare for their visit.

  • The [#] kinds of wildlife you can spot in [your location]
  • [#] ways to be an environmentally conscious traveler
  • The best daypacks for quick outdoor excursions
  • [#] tips for safely viewing wildlife in [your location]
  • The best hikes in [your location] for all skill levels
  • [#] plants you can find in [your location]

shapePlane & Helicopter Tours

Plane and helicopter tours attract a clientele that’s looking for a luxury, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your audience wants to know what to expect, including what landmarks they’ll see from the sky and how to get over any nerves before their flight.

  • [#] landmarks you’ll see on your [your location] plane/helicopter tour
  • What to know before your first plane/helicopter tour
  • [#] photography tips for your plane/helicopter tour
  • The best souvenirs to commemorate your time in [your location]
  • The top fine-dining restaurants in [your location]

shapeGhost Tours & Haunted Attractions

People who book ghost tours or visit haunted attractions may be lifelong paranormal enthusiasts or first-timers looking for a spooky experience. This audience is certainly curious about paranormal encounters, so giving them details about the spirits they might find on a ghost tour is a sure way to pique their interest. Beyond that, point them toward other haunted locations in your city.

  • [#] must-have pieces of ghost-hunting gear
  • The [#] top haunted locations in [your city]
  • How to prepare for a paranormal encounter
  • [#] tour guests share their real paranormal experiences

shapeDog Sledding

Dog sledding attracts outdoor enthusiasts as well as animal lovers who are excited to meet the sled dogs and see how they work. This audience wants to learn all about your team of sled dogs, so give them some behind-the-scenes details about running a sled dog team. Don’t forget to add lots of photos and even videos to your blog posts so people can see the dogs in action.

  • A day in the life of a sled dog
  • [#] best winter boots (or equipment of your choice, goggles, jackets, etc.) for dog sledding & snow activities
  • Dog mushing terminology: [#] commands you’ll hear on a dog sled tour
  • Dog Sledding 101: How we train our sled dogs


People looking for lodging are often new to your area, so they’re sure to appreciate some tips about the local food scene, must-see attractions, and things to do. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have a wide variety of guests ranging from families with kids to couples and solo travelers, so try to create content that caters to different audiences.

  • Our favorite restaurants in [your location]
  • [#] must-visit attractions during your stay in [your location]
  • [#] fun facts you didn’t know about [your location]
  • The best suitcases & bags for weekend travel
  • The best free activities in [your location]
  • How to choose the right lodging for your family vacation
  • [#] things to do in [your location] for families with young kids
  • [#] things to do in [your location] for couples

These ideas are just a jumping-off point – the possibilities to get creative with your blog and to share your expertise are endless. As you plan and write your posts, remember to write for search intent, and follow our 10 steps to writing content that sells – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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