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8 Ideas Tour Operators Can Use to Evoke Luxury in Their Brand

Last updated on January 11, 2023
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Luxury travel has been reimagined following the pandemic.
  • You can evoke a sense of luxury even if you don't offer traditional upscale experiences.
  • Customized itineraries, add-ons, and compelling language go a long way.

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Luxury or upscale experiences are a trend in 2023!

From private sailing charters to exclusive wine tastings, these activities come in many shapes and sizes, giving you so many opportunities to market them to the relevant audience.

Even if your business model doesn’t scream “luxury,” you can still adopt some upscale strategies to make your activities more attractive to customers looking for a deluxe experience.

Ideas to Enhance Your Activities for Luxury Travelers

Customized Itineraries


Providing guests with choices, especially for a private tour or activity, will have you knocking on the door of luxury. 

This doesn’t mean you have to create completely custom itineraries. Even giving guests the option of selecting several locations or tasting menus goes a long way toward creating feelings of exclusivity and luxury. 

Celebrations & Add-Ons

Many guests traveling for a celebration, like a honeymoon or birthday, will be looking for special ways to celebrate while enjoying an incredible activity. 

Consider asking customers during the booking process if they are celebrating anything. That way you can make arrangements for a discount on a future booking, a surprise add-on, or an upgrade to a private experience. 

You can also offer add-ons like champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, meals, and other items that would enhance the experience. 

Complimentary Souvenirs

Even better than add-ons are freebies and souvenirs! If you’re able to make this work, it’s a nice touch to provide a welcome gift or branded item as a thank you to customers. This could be a logo hat or t-shirt, a water bottle, or even just a snack. 

Themed Activities

Create themed experiences to coincide with holidays or local events, like a Christmas boat light parade or a walking tour that includes a ticket to a local festival. By creating these bundles or packages with a theme in mind, you appeal to customers looking for a more inclusive experience. 

Local Recommendations

Similar to a hotel concierge, you and your employees likely have insights on the best things to do around town, and you should share that knowledge with your customers!

Be proactive in asking customers what they’re planning in your area and give them local recommendations. This kind of customer service goes a long way in setting your business apart.

Evoke Luxury Through Marketing

Invest in Quality Photos

a side view mirror of a car

Photographs are key when it comes to promoting your business to any audience, but especially to luxury travelers. If you want to evoke an upscale feel, potential customers expect to see high-quality images that represent your brand. 

Pro Tip: You don’t have to break the bank if your photos need a refresh. Learn how to take amazing photos yourself (even on an iPhone!) or hire a freelance photographer to visit for a day or two and snap some website-worthy images. 

Create a Beautiful Website

For many customers, your website is their first interaction with your business. If you want it to be a positive one, make sure your website is well designed, matches your brand vision, and gives them access to everything they need to make a booking. 

Highlight your private experiences, include beautiful images of your location and show examples of your customizable itineraries, packages, and upgrades when applicable.

Use Compelling Language 

On your website, emails, and social media, put some thought into the language you use when describing your tours and activities. If you want to convey luxury, use descriptive, colorful language and focus on the benefits for your customers as well as the exclusive experiences they’ll have on your tour. 

Luxury marketing requires a multi-prong approach to ensure your activities meet the mark and your potential customers express interest in what you have to offer. 

Throughout your journey, be sure to evoke your brand image and voice to stand out and impress customers.

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