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Brand Building Essentials Checklist

Last updated on September 3, 2020
Key Takeaways

  • Optimize the visual aspects of your brand, like logos and fonts
  • Create a media kit and business cards to represent your business

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Whether your business is brand new or you’ve been in the tours and activities sphere for some time, creating and optimizing your brand is a subtle but important way to connect and communicate with potential customers. 

Your brand is a unique and cohesive representation of your company’s identity, and it helps people recognize your business when looking at your marketing materials, website, social media pages, and other channels.

Apart from helping people recognize your company, brands help to communicate your company mission and the services you offer. If you’re just starting to build a brand, or you want to improve your current one, this checklist has all the steps you need to create logos, boost your brand on social media, prepare a media kit, and more.

  • a close up of a logo

    Photos & Logos

  • a close up of a sign
  • a close up of a logo
  • a close up of a clock
  • a close up of a logo

    Color Palette

  • a drawing of a face
  • a close up of a logo

    Font Family

  • a close up of a logo

    Media Kit

  • Screen-Shot-2019-10-11-at-12.34.13-PM
  • a close up of a logo

    Business Cards

  • a close up of a logo


Now that you know the brand-building basics, get started by identifying the unique feel of your company to inspire your design. Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors, fonts, and logos until you find the perfect fit for your business. For more information about branding and to hone your skills specifically for the digital space, check out our web branding basics checklist

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