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Expand Your Reach: Offer Private Tours & Experiences

Last updated on October 14, 2022
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Make more revenue by adding a private tour to your offerings.
  • Attract more types of customers with more diverse tour options.
  • This can be a low cost addition to your business.

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Private tours have become increasingly popular recently. Not only does this type of offering promote safety and peace of mind, but it also helps travelers have a unique experience with their chosen company.

People can avoid crowds and spend quality time with their friends and family, while also receiving undivided attention from their tour guide. 

A private tour creates a very special experience for guests. This guide will cover how a private tour can help your business grow!

The Benefits of Running a Private Tour

Make More Revenue by Having More Tour Options

Following a growing travel trend can increase your revenue and is a smart business move. 

In 2022, the United States Tour Operators Association found private tours to be the third most popular travel product of the year.

If you already run large and/or small group tours, you can typically adapt these offerings to create a similar private tour. This will allow you to easily capitalize on the growing demand and generate more bookings.

Pro Tip: If you start a private tour, you can increase your pricing structure which can bring in more revenue than small or large group tours. Take a look at other local companies to see what they charge for their private tours so you can base yours accordingly. 

Expand Your Reach by Catering to New Customer Types

Attracting more customers is never a bad thing! Including a private tour in your slew of offerings lets you engage new types of customers.  

Of course, many people enjoy the thrills of being around strangers on a tour (or they like that it is a bit cheaper), but others would prefer the solo company of their own group.

With the rising popularity of private tours, you will meet the needs of customers that want an exclusive experience as well as those who are still weary of being in large groups. Regardless of the reason, having more options for your customers will help you make more bookings. 

For instance, if your regular tours don’t allow children or have other age restrictions, private tours are a chance to do away with those limitations and open up the potential for more paying customers. While a standard tour might not be able to accommodate children, it may be more reasonable with a private tour with just one family or group. This is just one way to make your business more attractive to different customer types.

Work With What You Already Have

Starting to offer a private tour can be a cost effective, simple option for you and your staff. If you already offer large or small group tours, you can simply downsize to create your private tour (the number of people may even be the same size as your small tours!). 

For example, if you offer a food truck walking group tour that includes 15 people, you can restructure it to only allow up to 5 people in your private tour. Essentially it will go to the same food truck locations, however, to further entice customers, you can add a few perks. Perhaps you stop by an extra location, extend the hours, or let the group customize which spots you go to. 

By recycling different aspects of your tours, you can easily create a new experience without buying new equipment, hiring more staff, or creating new routes. But, you can get creative with the extra benefits you will offer! 

Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

As mentioned above, a private tour offers a more unique, special time for your guests. And at the end of the day, people love to talk about their travel experiences — especially when it’s a private tour. 

Since each group will have the full attention of their tour guide, there will be a lot of time for each person to get to know your staff. 

By creating an unforgettable experience for your customers, they will likely tell their friends about it and even write positive reviews (remember to ask for them!). When customers have a great time and build a rapport with your tour guides, they may even come back for another tour.

Pro Tip: If you want to add perks to your private tour, consider adding a photo service like Fotaflo, which can be complimentary or paid. This will make it easy for guests to enjoy their experience without taking pictures and still have mementos from the great day. 

Adding a private tour has a lot of great benefits, but you have to consider if it is the right decision for your company. Stay tuned for a guide on what to consider when starting a private tour!

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