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How to Reduce Wait Times and Start Your Activities On Time

Last updated on July 29, 2022
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Decreasing wait times leads to greater customer happiness.
  • Scatter entry times to reduce waiting times.
  • Use the FareHarbor app and other online resources to make your entries more efficient.

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As a tour operator, wait times may not immediately seem like a problem. This usually means your attractions are bringing in significant crowds and revenue. 

The flipside of having long wait times, though, is that the dissatisfaction of your customers can lead to negative reviews and in turn can end up discouraging more customers from visiting.

Once your customers book their tour online, they expect the rest of their experience to be smooth sailing. In fact, customers have the highest perception of value when they don’t have to wait to enter or get started.

Even a 10-30 minute wait causes customers to have a lower perceived value than no wait at all –Arival.

Lucky for you, there are a few ways FareHarbor can help you improve the guest experience.

5 Ways to Reduce Customer Wait Times

shapeUse timed entries to space out when customers arrive for their tour or attraction: Giving customers clear entry times reduces the chance that crowds will come during peak busy times and instead breaks up entries.

shapeTake advantage of the tools in the FareHarbor app: Customers can pull up the QR code they received when they booked their tour online and your team can easily check people in with the FareHarbor app. You can create two separate lines — one for those who registered with FareHarbor and one for those who need to still purchase tickets.

shapeGive the option for guests to sign waivers beforehand: Include a digital copy of your waiver in the customers’ welcome and reminder emails so they have the chance to take care of it before arriving.

shapePost clear timing policies on your activity pages: Make entry policies clear. For example, you can say that customers will lose their spot or will need to reschedule if they arrive after a certain time. Include important information to help customers arrive on time, like parking guides and location info. You should provide a phone number for guests to call if they are going to be late or need to reschedule at the last minute.

shapeSet your team up for success with built-in reminders:Use a FareHarbor custom calendar to let tour leaders have easy access to their schedule. You can also encourage them to download the app and set up notifications to ensure your team doesn’t keep customers waiting. 

These tips are easy ways for you to take a proactive approach to reducing wait times for your guests. Remember, the longer the wait, the more unhappy your customers may be. 

Avoid bad reviews and word of mouth by doing what you can to reduce waiting times for customers. You have the power to get your customers off to a great start before they enjoy the unique experiences you have to offer! 

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