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Get to Know Your FareHarbor Teams

Last updated on January 7, 2020
9 minute read

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Whether you’re just getting started with FareHarbor or you’ve been with us for years, you know it’s our priority to help you grow your business. We have a variety of teams at your disposal who serve as resources to help your business be the best it can be. To make working with FareHarbor even easier, this guide walks you through each team and what they do so you can always know who to reach out to with questions and ideas. 

Client Onboarding

You’re probably familiar with this team because they helped you put together an awesome Dashboard when you joined FareHarbor. This team tailors each client’s Dashboard to perfection and educates all users on how to best use and properly maintain their Dashboards. This is the team that helps you with understanding, maintaining, and integrating your FH Dashboard. Let’s break each of these down. 

  • Understanding Your Dash – Trainers: If you need a refresher to become more proficient in your Dashboard or if you are hiring new staff who need to know how to make bookings, like reservationists during your high season, then you can reach out to you Account Manager or to FH Support (more on both of these soon) and request a training from this team!
  • Maintaining Your Dash – Builders: The build team within client onboarding has the technical expertise to update or make changes to your Dashboard. When you reach out to support with a Dashboard request, you’ve more than likely heard them say “the build team is on it.” This means you can rest easy because these are the people who live and breathe the Dashboard, and they make sure yours is running smoothly. This team can also take on wide-sweeping projects that impact all of our client’s Dashboards, like building out the calendar for a new year. 
  • Integrating Your Dash – Web Integration: This team is always happy to integrate your FH Dash onto your website with bright, shiny book buttons!

Account Management 

Your account manager probably feels like one of your own employees by now. This team is all about solutions and growth, and they’re focused on the holistic betterment of our clients. You can think of this team as another branch of your business because they’re with you for your entire FareHarbor lifespan, and their main objective is to help you grow your business year over year. 

Your Account Manager is a resource for growth consulting, e-commerce conversion strategies, and advice on best practices. They can provide data-driven insights on websites and Dashboards to maximize conversions. When you’re not sure which team to reach out to for a specific question, you can count on your Account Manager to point you in the right direction. 

Customer Support

One of the unique things about FareHarbor is our industry-leading Support team. They are the backbone of FH, and they are the team that can offer you unparalleled Dashboard expertise. When you call FH Support, this is the team that helps solve all your questions or issues. This team delivers exceptional technical support, and they hold themselves to the highest success standards in the industry! Here’s what makes this team great: 

  • They provide phone and email support in multiple languages.
  • They’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any time you reach out with an issue, there will always be a real person on the other end of the line ready and willing to help you.
  • Support offers some of the best technical expertise you can find in our company. They live and breathe the Dashboard.

You won’t find support like this anywhere else in the industry!

Channel Development 

The travel and tourism industry relies on connections and partnerships that help you grow your network. This is where the Channel Development team comes in. This team helps clients maintain the partnerships and distribution networks that help to grow their businesses. This means they focus on your network, your connections, and your partnerships and how they all relate to your FH Dashboard. Here’s how they do it: 

  • Affiliate Assistance: The CD team maintains affiliate relationships for FH clients, ensuring that clients are able to effectively work with any company that resells their tours. They will even train your affiliates on how to use the Dashboard. Less time manually inserting bookings means more time dedicated to your business!
  • FareHarbor Distribution Network: When you use the FHDN, you can partner with fellow FareHarbor users to resell each other’s services, or you can opt in to have your activities resold by our growing network of distribution partners. This allows you to extend your outreach and expand your revenue streams by making a commission on a partner’s tours
  • Connectivity: Connecting to online travel agencies helps grow your business, but it can be complex. That’s why it’s so valuable to be on a platform that has the capabilities to connect to large OTAs like TripAdvisor/Viator, Expedia, GetYourGuide, Reserve with Google,, and Website Travel. The CD team can help you with these partnerships to ensure that everything connects seamlessly with your Dashboard. 

FareHarbor Sites

This team is your one-stop website shop! If you’re a candidate for a site (you can talk to your Account Manager about whether you are), this is the team that builds you that shiny new website, optimized with all the best practices that will help your business succeed. Our custom templates include features specifically designed for tours and activities, setting you up for increased conversion rates, decreased bounce rates, and a better experience for your customers overall.

The Sites team is also home to our SEO experts, who can provide services like SEO audits. This team also has its own technical support experts, the Live Sites Specialists, who help you make any updates or answer questions about your FH Site. They’re also the ones who train you on your new site and provide ongoing technical support. 

Business Intelligence

Our resident data experts, the Business Intelligence team provides the critical analysis needed to guide other FareHarbor teams, from financial reports to other data beyond what the Dashboard can provide. The BI team helps us bring everything we do into perspective and understand how all of our clients are performing year to year. Some of the things they do include: 

  • Analytical reporting
  • Data visualization 
  • Telescope predictive pricing

This is one of the many teams working behind the scenes to better understand our clients and our industry. While you won’t interact directly with them, you can rest assured that they’re crunching the numbers to make sure we’re making data-based decisions every step of the way.

At the core of FareHabor’s values is that we are a tribe, working together to make sure your business continues to grow. These teams are all part of creating that FareHarbor magic that makes us leaders in the industry. To learn more about growing your business, check out our growth strategy guides!

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