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Creative Ways to Leverage Social Media During the Holidays

Last updated on November 4, 2022
5 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Building an authentic voice and presence on social media is even more important during the holidays.
  • Interact with your audience through polls and other features.
  • Celebrate what you and your team love about the holidays and your audience will join in.

Skill Level


During the busiest shopping months of the year, social media is a must-use tool for attracting new customers and nurturing strong relationships with your online community. 

In 2022, holiday sales are expected to increase by 7.5%, and business owners should expect 18% more social messages per month in the holiday season compared to non-holiday months (Sprout Social). 

What does that mean for you? It’s time to prepare for a successful holiday season by making your business stand out on social media! 

Sharing your holiday gift cards or promotions is a good place to start, but we challenge you to take your holiday marketing to the next level with these tips. 

Use Interactive Features to Check in with Your Customers

Polls are an excellent way to get immediate feedback from your audience and create excitement for the holidays. They also give you the opportunity to let your customers’ voices be heard, helping you build community around your brand. 

Instagram stories allow you to invite interaction from your followers in a poll or quiz format. Post the poll sticker and ask a question with two possible answers, like “Are you traveling for the holidays or staying home?”.

Or, allow open-ended feedback with the question sticker. For example, ask followers who they’re shopping for this season or what trips they have planned for next year. 

You can learn valuable insights about your community by asking which of your activities they’re most interested in, what their perfect tour looks like, or if there are new offerings they’d like to see from you next year. 

Create a Facebook Event for Your Holiday Event

Whether you host a Polar Express train ride or an annual Chanukah party, your seasonal events deserve some time in the spotlight, especially on social media!  

A great way to get more eyes on your event is by creating a Facebook event! Facebook events help you capture your customers’ attention and share important event details, like how to book and what to expect.

To leverage Facebook events to the fullest, be sure to give the event a creative name, write a clear and detailed description, share lots of photos from the previous year, and include a booking link. Tag your event with a location and relevant keywords, and of course, make sure your event is set to public!

Pro Tip: Get your event noticed by using ads to promote it to a wider audience. Just like you would boost a post, Facebook allows you to boost events as well. Don’t forget to take a look at creating ads to promote your events and activities on Facebook.

Share Company Photos

Whether you have an annual company party, participate in Ugly Sweater Day, or host a holiday bake-off, those can make for some great behind-the-scenes photo ops to share with your online community. 

Candid party photos, pictures at volunteer events, and snapshots of holiday decor give customers an inside look at your business. This will help customers feel more connected to your company, which in turn will increase your chances for repeat and new bookings!

Support Charity Initiatives 

Is your company promoting a charity initiative this year or giving back in other ways? That’s something your followers would like to see on social media.

If you partner with a charity or encourage your customers and followers to get involved as well, be sure to promote those initiatives and share the impact you’re having on your community. 

Make sure to be tasteful and respectful when posting about charities or volunteer organizations. Consider scheduling your post for Giving Tuesday to join the celebration of generosity alongside other businesses. 

Don’t forget to use social media to the fullest around the holidays! Not only does this humanize your business, but it can lead to increased engagement that lasts well into the New Year. 

Looking for additional tips on promoting your activities during the holidays? Check out this webinar covering promo codes and gift cards.

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