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Make GA4 Work For You: Exploring Functionality & Reporting

Last updated on December 11, 2023
52 minutes
Key Takeaways

  • Use conversion paths to view a user's journey from start to finish.
  • Use GA4 to understand your website's health and needed improvements.
  • Uncover pertinent GA4 tips plus a few Easter eggs!

Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced

In this Spark 2023 rewind, FareHarbor’s Alex Neubauer and Rob Sweeney present their session from this year’s Spark conference in Orlando, Florida! This is one of several select on-demand sessions from Spark 2023.

Delve into the art of monitoring and dissecting website user data at different stages of the customer journey using Google Analytics 4. We unveil the secrets of crafting custom reports and harnessing GA4’s most powerful — yet often overlooked — features. This session is tailored for operators who have already implemented GA4 and are eager to maximize the benefits.

Additional Session Resources

Instructions: How to create and manage custom reports in GA4

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