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Starting A Google Ads Campaign? Use This PPC Checklist.

Last updated on September 3, 2020
Key Takeaways

  • Set up your Google Ads account
  • Set up conversion tracking and campaigns
  • Structure ad groups & keywords and write ad copy

Skill Level


Similar to SEO, PPC can seem like a nebula of constantly changing algorithms and undefined criteria, leaving you with more questions than answers. Naturally, this can become a roadblock or obstacle to those who might be interested in trying it out or cause those who are currently using PPC to get discouraged. While we cannot fully dissect the technical side of the PPC algorithms, our goal is to demystify this digital tactic by providing you with a checklist to follow to create and launch your first PPC campaign.

  • a close up of a logo

    Create Your Google Ads Account (skip this step if you already have one)

  • a close up of a logo

    Set Up Conversion Tracking

  • a close up of a logo

    Choose Your Keywords

  • a close up of a logo

    Set Up Your Campaign

  • a close up of a logo

    Structure Your Ad Groups & Keywords

  • google ad groups structure diagram
  • a close up of a logo

    Write Your Ad Copy

  • google ads preview screenshot

Congratulations, you have successfully created a PPC Campaign! Google may take a few days (3 – 5 days) to learn how to place your ads. Please do not make any changes at this time as it will reset the learning process. Once your ads start running, be sure to keep an eye on your metrics to learn how your ads and performing and how you can improve them in the future. For more PPC tips, head over to our pay-per-click guides.

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