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4 Membership Ideas To Encourage Repeat Customers and Revenue

Last updated on August 7, 2023
8 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • FareHarbor's new memberships feature is customizable to your business needs.
  • Reward loyal, repeat customers with perks that encourage them to continue supporting your business.

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Loyalty programs have been proven to build a loyal customer base, secure consistent revenue from repeat purchases, encourage organic referrals, and incentivize customers to make a purchase. Enter our new feature — memberships. 

The memberships feature allows you to create a customizable loyalty program that rewards your returning customers and increases customer satisfaction. You can offer benefits such as discounts, buddy passes, annual passes, and more — whichever option works the best for your business.

From our current clients, we have observed that companies that have enabled memberships see 50% more returning customer bookings from their members than from their regular customers.

If you’re wondering if memberships are the right fit for your business, this guide will showcase some of the many ways you can customize your loyalty program, including tiered memberships, multi-lesson and season passes, and family memberships.

Tiered Membership

Great for: Museums, axe throwing, ATV rentals, and other activities

a person standing in front of a building

A tiered loyalty program is a great choice for museums or any business that can offer upgraded amenities, priority services and exclusive perks.

Customers may choose a tier based on the benefits it offers. You can set them as bronze, silver, and gold, use numbered tiers, or name tiers based on your business. 

Each tier offers different benefits or discounts of your choosing. For example, you can include a limited number of free admission tickets, discounted guest passes, and other perks.

In a 10-year analysis of 18 cultural institutions, it was found that members spend 4x more than the average non-member visitor (Vennerys).

Benefits of a Tiered Membership Program:

  • They help build a community of patrons around your museum.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by creating a sense of exclusivity with the benefits enjoyed by tier.
  • Museums have the unique opportunity to host members-only events to boost customer loyalty throughout the year.

Pro Tip: Members can quickly and easily renew their memberships through the memberships item year after year. You are also able to do it for them within the Dashboard.


Multi-Lesson Pass

Great for: Surf lessons, ski classes, SUP sessions, and other lessons

a man riding a wave on top of a mountain

For activity businesses that offer lessons, a multi-lesson or season pass membership is a wonderful fit. Repeat customers will be common since people tend to learn a new sport throughout the season or return to the same vacation spot each year.

This type of membership also gives you the ability to further enhance the customer experience by offering benefits to customers who buy a pass. For instance, you could offer a welcome backpack filled with goodies or a 15% discount for equipment rentals.

Benefits of a Multi-Lesson Membership Program:

  • They help build loyalty and encourage referrals.
  • They are a good asset to secure consistent revenue while also helping customers plan out their full season of activities.

Annual or Season Pass

Great for: Zoos, museums, ski and water activities, other attractions

a large brown bear sitting on a rock

Depending on your specific business, you can also offer an annual or seasonal pass — or a pass for any time frame that works with your operation.

Pro Tip: You can also offer a “time-framed” pass with different options for different costs. For instance, you can have options for a yearly pass, summer pass, and monthly pass.

For an annual or seasonal pass, consider offering a lot of the same added perks that we mentioned above. You could offer annual free admission,  50% off buddy passes, or anything else you think your customers would enjoy.

Benefits of a Yearly or Seasonal Membership Program:

  • They help bring in extra money on add-ons and refreshments.
  • They encourage referrals and cultivate loyal customers.
  • Seasonal programs bring return visitors each year, generating repeat purchases and revenue.

Family Membership

Great for: Farms, water parks, aquariums, activity rentals, and other attractions

a large green field with trees in the background

Fun for the whole family! This type of membership would allow a certain number of family members to get free admission during business hours. Additional family members would also be allowed to join at a reduced rate.

This loyalty program can offer more benefits as well, such as free admission to summer activities on the farm, free admission for family members, 20% off pumpkin picking experience, or anything else your farm offers!

Benefits of a family membership program:

  • They encourage a welcoming environment and family-friendly activities.
  • They foster loyal customers and referrals.
  • They incentivize returning families to buy merchandise and on-site refreshments.

Memberships is a powerful feature that increases your repeat customers and gets them excited about your business. To learn if memberships are right for your business and how to get started, visit our help page.

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