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Tips to Impress Your Customers and Increase Attraction Revenue

Last updated on March 22, 2023
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • It can sometimes feel challenging to engage with customers at your attraction.
  • Consider the micro moments at your attraction to create a well-rounded experience.

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Are you looking for ways to improve the customer experience at your attraction? If you don’t offer a guided experience in the traditional sense, it can sometimes feel challenging to engage with customers throughout their full time at your location.

That’s why it’s essential to create positive touch points throughout the activity, even when customers are exploring or participating on their own. 

When you’re thinking about the micro moments in the customer’s journey at your location, consider these tips to give them a more well-rounded experience at your attraction.

Speed Up Check-In with Digital Wallet Tickets

graphical user interface, application

Creating a positive guest experience starts the moment the customer arrives at your attraction. When you’re moving many people into your location, digital wallet tickets are a great way to make that process run more smoothly. 

By enabling QR code ticket scanning, your customers will receive a digital ticket in their confirmation email which they can save to their digital wallet, like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. 

Now they don’t have to worry about printing their ticket or having to dig through their email to find it. When they present it at the entrance, it’s easy for your staff to scan the QR code right from their phone.

Being organized at check-in sets the stage for a great interaction between your business and the customer.

Create a Guided or Structured Component

While some attractions allow customers to experience the destination on their own, others can likely find opportunities to add a guided component, whether this is a full-fledged tour or a quick 15-minute workshop. 

Options like this make customers feel like they are experiencing the full range of activities your attraction has to offer, and they are especially helpful for customers who prefer a more structured activity. 

For example, while a museum might be open to the general public, guests who would like to take a tour or class could additionally have that option. 

Consider what would work best for your business and if there are any opportunities to add a guided component to your experiences.

shapeOffer Self-Guided and Supplementary Options

a bicycle parked on the side of a building

For the customers who do like to explore on their own, giving them a self-guided option is the perfect way to ensure they have a positive experience, while still letting them enjoy their independence.

For example, your selfie museum or interactive exhibit could place QR codes guiding guests through the location and giving them additional information about the experience.

This idea can be applied to many businesses, especially equipment rental companies. Whether you offer bikes, boats, or ATVs, customers appreciate area maps and suggested routes. 

And for food, drink or walking tour operators, consider putting together additional resources on your website or app that customers can use to follow along during the tour or revisit after the experience.

You can also offer paid add-ons if it makes sense to do so. 

Ensure Staff are Available

Even if customers are guiding themselves through your attraction, they might need to ask a question, get directions, or seek more information from your team. 

Ensure you have enough staff in place so that customers can always find someone to approach. Check out five strategies to reduce staff turnover.

More Ways to Impress Attraction Customers

  • Offer memberships or discounts for returning guests.
  • Host a locals-only event.
  • Change themes, exhibits, displays, and other details at your attraction regularly so people are encouraged to visit more than once.
  • Team up with local businesses to provide food options, souvenirs, and other complementary experiences in your area.

How do you go above and beyond at your attraction? Tell us in the FareHarbor Operator Community!

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