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How to Write a Reminder Email That Improves the Guest Experience

Last updated on February 27, 2023
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Reminder emails are canned, automatic messages you send to customers.
  • This communication will help your customers feel more prepared.
  • Use this email to get customers excited for what is to come.

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A reminder email is an automated message that reminds all customers of their upcoming reservations. That in itself is a great reason to set up this type of email—but when you use this piece of communication to your advantage, the benefits grow. 

This email can get future (or returning!) customers excited for your tour and activity, minimize no shows, speed along check-in, and make your business look more professional. They simply provide a better customer experience. 

In this guide, learn why reminder emails are so important, what information to include as well as how to set them up in your Dashboard. 

Why Do Reminder Emails Matter?

Reminder emails are a simple way to let customers know what to expect on your tour or activity. The email will cover everything they need to know beforehand

The information you share in this email helps to reduce no-showsespecially for those who booked very far in advance. We all love to get a booking request months in advance, but wouldn’t want customers to forget about it! 

Reminder emails are a low-lift, friendly way to let guests know more about their upcoming experience. They also help your customers feel the excitement about what is to come.

Finally, reminder emails help start your offerings on time. For instance, if you run a white water rafting tour, you can tell customers to arrive 15-30 minutes early since you need to check them in, fit them into protective gear, and have possibly them sign a waiver. 

Pro Tip: If you run a tour or activity that requires a waiver, make it easy on yourself by integrating with one of our preferred waiver partners, Wherewolf or Smart Waiver. These digital waiver solutions save you time, speed up check-in, and help protect your business.

What to Include in Your Reminder Email

The information you need to include in your reminder email will differ from business to business. 

Examples to Consider:

  • A personalized greeting telling guests how excited you are to have them
  • The location they should arrive at
  • When to arrive
  • Parking information
  • Their waiver to sign ahead of time
  • Items to wear or bring
  • Weather considerations

Pro Tip: Are there questions customers ask you on a regular basis? Consider putting them in the reminder email to try to head off those questions and help customers feel more prepared. You can also add a link in the email to your FAQ page.

Don’t forget to add the information that pertains to your specific business. For example, “Check out our gift shop while you wait for your experience to start” or “Hungry? You can purchase a snack or beverage at our cafe.”

You can also include your add-ons in this email to try and make extra revenue, such as “Add a bottle of champagne to your cruise to make tomorrow even more special.”

Pro Tip: Be sure to use language that matches your brand voice and makes customers excited. If your reminder email is too bland or impersonal, the information in this communication will not have the same effect!

How to Use FareHarbor to Send Canned Emails

Once you’ve written your personalized reminder email, the next step is to get it set up in the Dashboard to send automatically. Follow along our Help Center article for step-by-step instructions.

A Few Points to Remember:

  • You can choose when the canned message will be sent (e.g. 24 hours before start time)
  • You are able to save and reuse this email
  • You can edit the content as necessary

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about text message reminders! You can choose to send text messages instead or on top of your email reminder. This message will be shorter than your email copy, but should include the most important information and a link to view the customer’s booking details. 

Whether you want to optimize your reminder email or set one up for the first time, these tips will help you maximize the benefits.

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