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How To Confidently Appear On Video To Promote Your Business

Last updated on October 24, 2022
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Sharing videos is a great way to engage with your customers online.
  • Taking time to practice and learn your equipment helps to set you up for success.
  • Be yourself, relax, and let your personality shine on camera.

Skill Level


Videos are a great way to get your company’s messages across in a very human way. They offer the opportunity to relate to your audiences on social media to not only increase engagement, but also give your company a face and name. 

The rise in popularity of video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels shows just how powerful the medium is. YouTube also offers opportunities to share longer form educational and promotional videos. There are so many ways for you to promote your tours and activities with the power of video. 

The first step is mustering the confidence to step in front of the camera. Follow these tips to calm stage fright and make videos you and your company will be proud to share! 

Get Familiar with Your Equipment

Have you talked yourself out of making videos because of your lack of tech skills? You will surprise yourself when you see the videos you can make by just using your phone and the editing tools available through social media platforms. 

a hand holding a remote controlThe truth is it’s a learning process for everyone — and there are plenty of (video!) tutorials available online to help you get started. We also have a helpful article with some video software and equipment suggestions.

As with any new skill, practice is key. Make a rough draft video to test your shooting and editing skills – it’s okay if the first time isn’t perfect. Determine if you need additional equipment or if you’d like the help of a videographer or social media manager. Depending on the size of your budget and priority of your promotion, there are many routes you can go to create quality video content. 

Show Off Your Brand’s Original Personality 

You don’t have to be the world’s best actor to land this role. Your video should showcase your company’s true personality — which is you! Authenticity goes a long way in showing your audience of potential tour-goers just what they can expect. Feel free to crack some jokes or incorporate your unique sense of humor. 

Remember your audience isn’t expecting a scripted delivery. In fact, they’d prefer the exact opposite. What might help you feel more confident on screen, though, is writing out a few main points or an overview of the messages you want to address. Even though you’re on camera, the rules of regular public speaking apply. 

  • Make eye contact with the camera.
  • Smile and deliver your message with enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Wear something that makes you feel confident on screen.
  • Move around and use gestures to increase engagement and channel any nervous energy into something more productive. 

Slow Down and Breathe

Before your nerves get the best of you, take a deep breath. Take a moment to ground yourself by connecting with your environment and using your senses to take in the sights, smells, and tactile objects around you. 

When we get nervous, it’s very common to speed up our speech. Try to talk even slower than you think you need to to make sure your message is clear. This will also help signal to your body that it’s okay to calm down. Taking a few stretches and releasing movements before you hop on screen will also help you remain tranquil. 

Pro Tip: Keep a glass of water by your side as a reminder to slow down and stay hydrated while you speak! You can take pauses to take a sip of water as a natural way to slow your speech. 


Practice Makes Perfect

Unlike real life, you can always re-do a video recording. Give yourself a few takes to get used to the sound of your voice and practice your message. If you’re nervous about your appearance, you can always film your surroundings and practice your narration first. 

Of course, if you’re going live, there are no retakes. You can set yourself up for success, though, by making sure you write down a few key points in case you get stuck. You can also invite team members to join you to help ease the pressure. Practicing your presenter skills by creating recorded videos is a good first step before going live with your first video. 

We have full confidence in you to make a video that engages your audience and clearly communicates the details or your next promotion. Once you’re all set, check out our list of ways to optimize your YouTube video here


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