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Share Your Tour Videos: YouTube Optimization Checklist

Last updated on September 4, 2020
Key Takeaways

  • Elements to pay attention to when uploading videos to YouTube
  • How to set your videos up for success and track important metrics

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As one of the top 2020 social media trends, video is a popular and highly effective tool that tour and activity operators can take advantage of to help grow their businesses. According to Google, 88% of travel searches on YouTube focus on general travel ideas, attractions, and things to do like tours and activities, making it the perfect place to promote your business. 

If you’re hoping to increase your company’s visibility on the search engine results page, keep in mind that videos are over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compared with other forms of content (YTCockpit). But how do you make your tour videos stand out?

Creating successful videos begins with producing high-quality, interesting, and informative content (learn how in this video production guide!). But once it’s time to publish the finished product, there are a few more ways to optimize the video for best results, like writing an informative description for the video and following best practices for thumbnails, tags, and more. Follow the steps in this checklist, and your videos will be on their way to receiving more traffic and higher rankings.

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    Use YTCockpit to do keyword research.

  • Screen-Shot-2019-11-11-at-3.04.12-PM
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    Write a great title.

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    Write an informative description.

  • youtube1
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    End your video with a call to action asking viewers to subscribe.

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    Tag your video with your target keywords.

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    Create a video transcript.

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    Add translations to reach a wider audience.

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    Add a thumbnail.

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    Measure success.

When it comes to success on YouTube, be sure to have all of these optimizations ready to go before you publish the video for best results. However, you can also use these best practices to go back to your older videos and update the tags, titles, descriptions, and anything else that could be improved. For more tips and tricks on promoting your business through video, check out our guide to effective video production and explore various video platforms and strategies you can put to use right away. 

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