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GA Upgrade: Meet The New Google Analytics 4

Last updated on July 5, 2023
3 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Universal Analytics was deprecated on July 1, 2023. Set up a GA4 property today.
  • GA4 provides greater flexibility when tracking actions taking place on your website or app.
  • GA4 properties can be linked to Google Ads!

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Any Google Analytics user must be aware of the latest update regarding this toolGoogle Analytics 4 is the newest version of Google Analytics, and your original or current Universal Analytics property was deprecated on July 1, 2023. 

You must migrate your existing Universal Analytics property to a GA4 property to continue utilizing data from this tool. 

This new type of property will give you a more complete understanding of your customers across devices, as well as essential insights to prepare for future marketing decisions.

It can alert you to data trends such as certain tours or activities seeing a rise in demand, and help you see the potential revenue you could earn from a particular customer group, allowing you to create and target new audiences for increased ROI.

So what does this mean for your tour and activity business? Read on to learn how you can derive insights from new data and start reaping the benefits.

What is GA 4?

Google describes GA 4 as the new default version of the original Google Analytics (Universal Analytics), one that’s quite different from the traditional GA thanks to a host of new features.

GA 4 is built on what was formerly known as the App + Web version of Universal Analytics, giving site owners a way to track data across platforms: websites, software, and apps. Its main goal is to show data focused on users from the first visit to the final conversionbooking a tour or activity.

New Features & Capabilities of GA 4

GA4 offers a host of new features that are far more robust than those available with Universal Analytics. From measuring link clicks and downloads to the full customer journey, GA4 helps you understand every customer interaction with your website. This includes features like events, data streams, life cycle reporting, and a Google Ads integration.

Get Started with GA 4

You might be concerned about migrating from Universal Analytics to GA 4. The good news is that FareHarbor offers exclusive resources to assist you during this transition, including a webinar and Help Center documents.

Also, if you have not already created a GA4 property, Google automatically migrates existing UA properties to a new property, unless you have specifically opted out. 

Head over to our full guide on Google Analytics 4 for complete setup instructions.

This includes how to integrate with FareHarbor, Google Ads, and more.

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