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FareHarbor Reporting Just Got Better: 4 Enhancements to Our Software

Last updated on January 9, 2024
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • We've released 4 new updates to FareHarbor's internal reporting.
  • Report on rebookings, refunds, and more!

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Without reporting and data collection, it’s hard to know which aspects of your business are performing well or what needs improvement. As a client, you have access to FareHarbor’s inherent, powerful reporting tools. 

From financial information to customer insights, we’ve got a slew of report options that enable you to learn about and analyze different parts of your business. 

This guide will cover four recent reporting updates that will help you to make better informed decisions that can increase your revenue and your overall understanding of your business.

1. Report on Rebookingsa person holding a sign

Online rebooking allows customers to modify their reservation online, saving you time and keeping your phone from ringing off the hook. And, with one of our latest updates, you are now able to run a report that differentiates new bookings from those that were rebooked. 

This information is critical to learning how you are retaining revenue when customers need to cancel and gives a more holistic view into customer booking behavior. 

How to Set Up Rebooking Reports:

    1. Click on Reports, select Sales or Bookings reports.
    2. Select the desired dates for reporting.
    3. In Advanced Settings, under Columns, select Detailed report.
    4. Search “rebooking” and select under Booking columns.
    5. Generate report.

2. Report on Refundsgraphical user interface, application, Word

Refund data can help you understand customer satisfaction, the performance of your business and staff, and more. This new filter, which lives under the Sales report, will provide insight into how often you are issuing refunds so you can uncover actionable insights for your business. 

How to Include the Refunds Filter in your Sales Report:

  1. Click on Reports, select Sales report.
  2. Select the desired dates for reporting.
  3. Under Filter, in the Sales tab, click on Add Filter.
  4. Search “Payment Or Refund”, select the checkbox for “Refund”, and click Save
  5. Generate report.

3. Easily View Refund Reservesa person talking on a cell phone screen with text

The Refund Reserve allows you to hold money in FareHarbor to use specifically for refunds. It enables you to issue refunds as quickly as possible which increases efficiency for you and leads to happy customers.

We’ve just made it easier for you to view and report on your Refund Reserves. This new tab shows your balance and historical transfers at a glance. 

How to Find your Refund Reserve Data Tab:

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Click on Payouts & Refunds.
  3. Click on Refund Reserves Transfers

4. Track Sales by Card Reader Type

Understanding your customers is critical to your business’s success — and the more granular you can get, the better. This last new reporting update provides better insights into your in-person sales, allowing you to segment and analyze how your in-person payments are processed. 

How to Run your Card Reader Report:

  • Click on Reports, select Sales reports.
  • Select the desired dates for reporting.
  • In Advanced Settings, under Group by, select “card reader type” and/or “card reader”.
  • Generate report.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve your business operations. For more information on FareHarbor’s reporting capabilities, catch up with a few additional resources below. 

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