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Destination Marketing: Leverage the Allure of Your Location to Sell More Tours

Last updated on February 14, 2024
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Promoting local attractions can encourage customers to visit your area and business.
  • Share your knowledge of the local area in your marketing materials.
  • Collaborate with local businesses to build a sense of community for travelers.

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Your marketing initiatives likely focus on your USPs (unique selling points) — you know, the aspects of your tours and activities that really make your business stand out. While this is a great strategy to bring in bookings, we would like to offer another idea to add to your marketing tool belt. 

Turn your local area into a must-visit destination to appeal to more customers. 

What makes your town special that will draw in more out-of-towners? This guide will cover ways you can take advantage of what your area has to offer to increase your bookings.

What Makes for a Must-Visit Destination?

Even if you think your location is not a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of ways to influence the perceived value and quality of your local area. Not every business is located near New York City or Rome — but there are other factors that can bring people to your neck of the woods. 

Elements That Make your Location More Appealing:

a castle with water in the background

  • Well-known landmarks 
  • Famous buildings and architecture
  • Religious sites
  • Historic or cultural sites
  • Unique landscapes or natural attractions
  • Seasonal weather
  • Local community recommendations including lodging, restaurants, and other tours and activity businesses
  • Rare wildlife or natural phenomena like the northern lights, bioluminescent bays, or up-close bear sightings

How to Leverage the Value of Your Location

You know why you love your local area — why not let your customers know too?! Here are a few ways to encourage travelers to come to your neighborhood and grab more bookings in the process. 

Research Your Local Attractions and Experiences 

There are several resources available if you need inspiration for what’s popular in your area. To start, simply Google your town. Search for “things to do”, “places to go”, “where to eat”, or “famous landmarks” followed by “in [your city/town].”

You can also visit your town’s tourism or visitor info website for ideas. Be sure to pay attention to how they market the area and include those selling points in your own materials.

Get Creative with Your Location USPs

If your business is not located in or near a major city, your destination marketing can become less straightforward. For more niche operators in smaller towns, you might have to get a bit imaginative about what to highlight. 

Ask yourself what you find valuable about visiting your location. You are the knowledge holder of your local area, and it’s valuable to use that to your advantage. 

Showcase Opportunities to Interact with the Area 

Whether your hiking tour passes by a huge waterfall or your food tour stops at the oldest restaurant in town, be sure to highlight these distinctive features and attractions within your marketing. 

Create Compelling Content Across your Platforms

Write blog posts, send email campaigns, or post social media videos featuring different local area spotlights. Use these channels to showcase the beauty, culture, and experiences that are unique to your location. 

This content should entice people to visit your area AND book your tours and activities. 

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Make it a package deal! Partner with local businesses to boost the popularity of your community. You can promote one another’s businesses onsite and even offer exclusive discounts. 

Paint a Picture by Telling Local Stories

Share interesting stories about the people, history, and traditions of your destination, then weave them into your marketing materials.

Capitalize on Local Events

a man and a woman posing for a picture

If there are nearby festivals, concerts, or fairs that happen throughout the year, use those events’ popularity to drive customers to your business. This angle not only encourages travelers to stay in the area longer to go on one of your tours, but can also get the word out about your business by using the well-known event to your advantage. 

Share Photos and Videos of your Location

It’s no secret that people have shorter attention spans these days. While they may not read full articles, a picture can say a thousand words. Use high-quality photos and videos of your business and the local area to persuade more bookings. 

Promote your Area Year-Round

Even if you run a seasonal business, keep the momentum going all year-round! No matter the marketing campaign, use the opportunity to explain why folks would want to visit your town and take a tour. 

For businesses that operate year-round, you should promote the benefits of visiting during each time of year. For example, advertise when the leaves change color, or post photos of what the area looks like covered in snow. 

Look beyond your own offerings and use what you know about your area to enhance your marketing efforts and attract more customers.

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