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Dashboard Quick Tip: 2 Features to Increase Sales at Checkout

Last updated on June 16, 2023
4 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Suggested items appear to customers at checkout to promote additional activities.
  • Customers can purchase multiple items at once with the shopping cart.

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There are so many Dashboard features available to you — and we want to make sure you are using every one that makes sense for your business and will streamline your operations.

Today we are going to discuss two Dashboard features you can use during your checkout process that can help you upsell and generate more bookings.

1. Suggested items
2. Online orders and shopping cart

This guide will cover what these features are, the reasons you should add them to your pricing strategy, and resources to set them up.

Suggested Items

Suggested items are an easy way for you to promote your other experiences to customers throughout the checkout process. You can choose to include them in your confirmation pages and emails or directly in your customer’s cart (as long as online orders are enabled — but more on that in a bit).

An Example:

Say you run an outdoor adventure company and a customer is booking a sunrise birding tour. Suggested items will show up with the options to book a horseback ride or a pass to your ropes course, incentivizing customers to turn their visit into a full-day affair.

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Benefits of Using Suggested Items

  • As already mentioned, they can increase revenue and bookings.
  • Even if the suggested item is not booked at that time, adding suggested items to the confirmation email can improve the chance of a customer coming back to try another one of your offerings at a later date.
  • They are customizable; you can set them up to be the same for each of your offerings or make each offering have a different set of suggestions.

Suggested items are a great addition to your pricing strategy that is a low lift on your end. Head to our Help Center to learn more.

Online Orders and Shopping Cart

Online orders & shopping cart are another easy way to increase sales. An online order is created when a customer books more than one of your items at one time and our shopping cart feature allows customers to purchase those multiple items at once.

Benefits of Using Online Orders and Shopping Cart

  • This feature makes it easier for customers to spend more (and saves them time) without having to check out multiple times.
  • It improves the customer experience as they can browse your site and add the items they are most interested in at their leisure.

To use this feature, you simply need to enable “online cart” in your Dashboard. To learn how to do this, how it works, and how to manage your online orders, head to our Help Center article.

We are always looking for ways you can improve your pricing strategy and make more revenue. Take a look at the guides below for more ideas!

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