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9 Reasons You Should Join the FareHarbor Online Community Today

Last updated on June 28, 2023
8 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Join the FareHarbor Community to connect with clients across the globe.
  • Share your expertise and learn other operators' successful strategies.
  • Discover the latest product and feature updates as they happen.

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At the end of 2022, we created our first ever online FareHarbor Community via Facebook! With hundreds of members already, this group of FareHarbor clients is getting to experience the major benefits of connecting with a community of like-minded individuals.

If you are not already a part of Community, we highly recommend joining to take advantage of yet another resource that FareHarbor has to offer. Don’t have a Facebook account? It’s free and easy to make one. Simply click “Create New Account” at this link.

This guide will cover the top nine reasons you should become a member of the FareHarbor Community! Note all images shared are posts from the group.

1. Get your voice heard by the FareHarbor Leadership Team

One major perk of Community is that the FareHarbor leadership team is involved! Share your feedback with our CEO, Andrea Carini, and many others of the company.

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2. Discuss which FareHarbor features you’d like to see in the future

Community is the place to get your ideas and requests heard! While we can’t always commit to every product request we receive, know that our employees are keeping track of what our clients are asking for. Even if it is not in the plan for tomorrow, we reference this information while building our roadmaps each year.

We can’t improve our product without hearing your feedback and this group is a direct line of communication to all FareHarbor teams.


3. Connect with FareHarbor clients across the globe

How often do you have the chance to discuss your business with operators from the US, Europe, Australia and beyond?! Community is open to all FareHarbor clients across the globe and we already have members from all top regions.

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Analyzing your business strategies with others who may have a different perspective can help encourage new and exciting ideas. You can also grow vital business relationships and create partnerships with someone you may not have known otherwise.

4. Learn new strategies (and share your own!)

Who doesn’t love a cheat sheet to growing their business?! Well, you won’t get that exactly—but you will get to discover new strategies and campaigns that other operators have found success in. You can also share yours to help out fellow operators.

Check out what these members said when asked about using ChatGPT prompts:


5. Ask your most burning questions to fellow operators and FareHarbor employees

With several employees monitoring the chats each day and the hundreds of clients checking Facebook daily, you will have the best audience to ask your questions.

Learn from other clients’ real-life experiences and hear their opinions so you can make better informed decisions about your business.

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6. Discover all new (and existing) FareHarbor features

From new releases like online rebooking to tried and true time-saving features like the availability updater, Community is a great place to learn more about the Dashboard.

You’ll be the first to know about new features as well as which current features you should be utilizing for your busy season, holidays, and more.

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7. Find out the latest industry trends, strategies, and programs

Aside from the FareHarbor and Dashboard learnings, Community is also where you can learn about recent advances in AI, tech, travel—you name it!

New programs and trends are constantly emerging that can help you streamline your operations and increase productivity. Community can help you capitalize on these innovations

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8. Feel supported while building your business

There are times when being an operator can feel overwhelming. This group is a place to discuss your wins and even your losses. With the hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of FareHarbor clients in Community, there is bound to be another person who has experienced the same struggles (and successes!) you have! Share your problems, learn new solutions, and connect with others who are in the same boat.

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9. Discover extensive learning resources

From Compass guides to webinars, blog posts and more, Community has become a place for us to share our most valuable new resources—perhaps some you didn’t know you even had available.

This also gives you the opportunity to share directly with the team which topics you want more information on. Google Analytics 4, SEO best practices, social media tips—tell us in Community!

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The benefits and perks of joining the FareHarbor Community are endless. The group is what our wonderful clients make it to be. Connect today, grow your business tomorrow!

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