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Tour Operator’s Year-End Checklist: Reflect, Record, and Plan Ahead

Last updated on November 29, 2023
Key Takeaways

  • Get a head start on 2024 by wrapping up essential year-end tasks.
  • Plan ahead, even if you're currently in your off-season.

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

As 2023 wraps up, it’s time for tour operators to reflect on the year gone by and prepare for the future. Regardless of whether you’re in your off-season, mid-winter season, or amidst holiday events, this period offers a unique chance to tie up loose ends and strategize for a prosperous new year. 

The year-end is not just a calendar change; it’s an opportunity to evaluate, complete the current year’s tasks, and set the stage for success in the upcoming year.

To make this process easier, we’ve compiled an end-of-year checklist specifically for tour operators. This guide will walk you through vital year-end tasks, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the year ahead. Let’s dive in!

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    Review The Past Year's Revenue Goals

  • Understanding your past year's financial performance is critical when planning for the future. Identifying areas where you succeeded can provide insight into what worked well, and similarly, areas where you fell short could indicate where improvements are needed.
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    Reflect On (And Record!) Your Business Successes

  • There are few better ways to gain perspective on your business than by looking back at what you've accomplished. Not only will this help motivate your team, but it can also show potential customers that they're booking with a successful and reputable business.
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    Update Employee Payroll And Vendor Information

  • As the year ends, it's crucial to update employee payroll and vendor information.
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    Conduct Inventory Of Your Equipment & Merchandise

  • Keeping tabs on your equipment and inventory is vital for annual planning, especially for rental businesses. This process helps optimize business operations and financial management.
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    Prepare For Next Year's Hiring

  • A successful business is powered by an efficient team. As you transition into the new year, it's time to evaluate your staff's strengths and requirements.
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    Evaluate Your Hardware And Software

  • It's important to give your hardware and software a friendly check-up. Keeping everything up-to-date helps your business run like a well-oiled machine!
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    Set New Goals

  • Lastly, the most important and final step on your checklist is setting new goals.

By completing this year-end checklist, you’ll be equipped with a clear understanding of your business’s current status and a roadmap for success in the upcoming year. For more information to help you prepare for another year in business, check out our holiday strategy guides.

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