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Understanding Software Partnerships at FareHarbor

Last updated on January 19, 2021
4 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • How FareHarbor selects software parters and integrations
  • Resources to learn more about our current partners and integrations
  • FAQs about cost, setup, and support for various software

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As a tour or activity operator, you surely gravitated towards FareHarbor because our software helps to increase your revenue through online bookings while providing you with an enterprise-level reservation system. We also understand that operators have various other operational and marketing needs outside of an online ticketing system. While we work hard to answer the majority of your business needs with FareHarbor products and services, we sometimes look to other industry leaders to help close operational gaps with their streamlined solutions.

From CRM (customer relationship management) programs and photo-sharing software to electronic waivers and email marketing solutions, FareHarbor’s Software Partnerships team sources, integrates with, and manages the relationships with all of our non-distribution, non-reselling software partners.

Choosing Partners & Integrations

When evaluating a current or potential system to partner with we look at the sum of several different factors:

shapeCustomer Service and Values: FareHarbor is focused on providing the best customer support in the industry and our clients have high service expectations. This is the number one consideration we take into account when selecting partners.

shapeWhat Problem They Solve: Priority is given to software and companies that are able to demonstrate proven success at increasing online revenue by driving more traffic to an operators’ website – Ex. an email marketing software or review management tool. A secondary consideration is to companies that fulfill an important operational need for operators – Ex. electronic waivers or turnstiles.

shapeDemand: We aim to understand the types of connections operators need and want. Through periodic surveys and client feedback, we have a better understanding of what YOU need and are able to seek solutions for you and your team.

Learning About Current Partners & Integrations

Want to see a list of all partners and integrations and learn about what they can do for you? See the following resources.

The contact information for each partner is included in their listing, as well as potential next steps. Once you have signed up with a partner, initiating the connection is as simple as contacting our Support team.


  1. Are there fees associated with each software?
    Yes, these are all independent third-party companies with their own fee structures.
  2. Do I pay FareHarbor to set up the partner?
    No, any third-party fees are paid directly to the software partner. You maintain separate agreements with us both.
  3. Does FareHarbor get me a discounted rate by referral?
    Yes, you’ll get a discounted rate with several of our partners! Head to their pages to learn more.
  4. Who do I contact for help?
    Software integrations involve FareHarbor sending raw booking data to the partner, who then receives and filters it. We don’t manipulate the data, and the format it is sent in never changes. So if there is a problem or concern with the connection, 9 times out of 10 it should be handled by the partner. However, we are always here to advise if you’re not sure, and work carefully with your representative from the partner company to get it right.

We are always pursuing new partnerships and integrations to help you streamline your operations and grow your business. Check back frequently to learn more.

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