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Save Time & Stay Organized with Staff Scheduling Software

Last updated on April 26, 2021
7 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Using common, helpful features like mobile scheduling & easy shift swaps.
  • Easily track hours and labor costs and allow staff to share their availability.
  • An overview of different scheduling platforms and pricing.

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As a tour and activity business owner, you’re probably used to wearing many hats. In addition to managing daily operations, your other responsibilities probably include monitoring reviews, posting to social media, and communicating with customers – to name only a few!

In such a fast-paced industry where staying organized is key to success, using a staff scheduling software to help tour guides and employees keep track of their shifts can save you valuable time and make your tour guides even happier. 

But staff scheduling software isn’t just about creating schedules — it also allows you to calculate your labor costs in real time, send messages to your entire staff in seconds, and provide easy clocking in and out for tour guides. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of using a staff scheduling system.

shapeAccess Anywhere on Mobile

These days, everything happens on our smartphones. Your customers book tours and activities on their phones, so why not move other aspects of your business to the mobile space as well? 

Almost all scheduling software is optimized for mobile devices, allowing your employees to check their schedules on the go and even get push notifications reminding them of an upcoming shift. Using scheduling software that’s optimized for mobile means that your tour guides can see schedule changes or updates faster than logging onto their computer or checking their email.

When employees can check their new schedule on a smartphone the moment it’s posted, your entire operation cuts down on delayed communications and other issues.

shapeMake Quick Schedule Changes and Shift Swaps

Need to make some changes in your schedule due to last-minute cancellations or other events? Easily add or remove shifts without needing to get in touch with your employees — the app will do it for you! Avoid the burden of making several phone calls and leaving messages to get in touch.

Using a staff scheduling software also allows your guides to have increased input on their own schedule by allowing shifts to be opened up and “claimed” by staff.  Even better, when last-minute timing conflicts arise (which they’re sure to do!) employees can quickly and easily swap shifts with each other through the platform – all you have to do is approve the swap in the platform and you’re covered!

shapeTrack Hours with Ease

Recording staff hours and keeping track of who’s working overtime can be a headache. Staff scheduling software is the best way to see how the scheduled hours and actual hours worked by employees match up.

With the clock-in/clock-out feature available on most platforms, you’ll get a recording of the exact hours worked by each employee. Additionally, this data helps you calculate correct pay while taking into account sick days, lunch breaks, overtime, and so on.

shapeLet Employees Set Availability & Request Time Off

Instead of having to remember that Tom can’t work Tuesdays and Jane can only work mornings, leave it up to your employees to set their own availability through the scheduling app. You’ll see who’s available when you sit down to make the schedule, and you won’t have to reach out to tour guides with additional questions. Employees will also be happier since they can make the schedule work for their needs.

These platforms also provide a place for employees to easily request time off by submitting their vacation days for your approval. Once you do, employees on vacation won’t show up as available on the schedule. 

shapeStaff Scheduling Software Recommendations

If these benefits have you convinced, it’s time to start your search for the perfect platform to meet your needs. Most software options offer the same main features as outlined in this guide, but if you have unique needs, you may want to shop around for one that will best suit your team. Be sure to take into account pricing and customer support.

Here are a few options to get you started.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your operations and make life easier for your employees, you should definitely consider staff scheduling software. Take away the burden and constant back and forth of scheduling and see what you can do with the extra time on your hands.

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