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How to Turn Your Business Milestones Into Growth Opportunities

Last updated on December 14, 2022
6 minute read
Key Takeaways

  • Business milestones are important to celebrate for your company’s growth.
  • Taking time to recognize your team and their hard work is good business.
  • Share your success with your community through social media, promotions, and events.

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Whether it’s framing your first dollar earned or commemorating your company’s 25th anniversary, there are so many steps on your business’s journey that are worth taking time to celebrate! 

These opportunities are great for bringing your internal team together and showing them you appreciate their hard work. They can also be a chance for you to connect with your online and local communities by sharing in the celebration on social media and with special in-person events. 

Why Sharing Milestones Matters

Nothing uplifts and brings people together quite like the power of positivity! Celebrating milestones is a great way to boost morale and bring new energy to your internal team. Giving shoutouts to key players who worked hard to help you achieve a goal or make it to a milestone is also very important. 

Milestones in action: Has your Google Reviews rating increased since bringing on new team members or implementing some customer service changes? Make sure to call out team members who are going above and beyond to help your business succeed. 

Milestones are also important check-in points for your company’s goals. They help build momentum and encourage your team to continue to work hard. For example, if your company ranks in the top 10 on Tripadvisor, take time to congratulate the team while also sharing some bigger goals for the future. 

Build off the positive vibes and keep going! Your current loyal customers will appreciate seeing your company being recognized and it also reflects well on prospective customers who are looking at your website and social media platforms. 

How to Highlight Your Business Milestones

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to share your business’s milestone with your audiences in a way that’s fun and engaging! 

On Your Website

Sam Wanamaker holding a sign posing for the camera

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre created this new logo to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The first place to start is your company’s website. The “about” page is a great spot to include this information and link to any supporting articles that mention your company. Doing this also makes it easy to share the news on your social media platforms with a simple link that will boost website traffic. Make sure to include any special promotions on this page as well to keep your audiences engaged. 

Pro Tip: Design a fun logo or graphic that captures the milestone in a unique way! There are many free design tools you can find online that are quick and easy to use. 


On Social Media

Your social media platforms provide a useful space to highlight stories and experiences from your customers. Let them share with you why they’ve supported your business through the years. This helps build social proof for new customers who are looking to see why they should trust your company for a phenomenal experience. 

Get creative when thinking of ways to share your milestone on social media. A short video from the founder, a fun Reel, or throwback photos are all engaging ways to share more about your company’s big day. You can even create a video campaign that leads up to your anniversary or milestone with weekly or daily clips. Get your team involved and have fun with it! 

You can also offer a special discount to say thanks to your community and provide more incentive for newbies to give your tours a try! 

In Your Community

Milestones are also a special time to give back to your community if you’re able. Connecting with local causes or having your team participate in a clean-up shows you are just as invested in your community as they are in you. You can even create some limited-edition swag for your team and community that celebrates the anniversary or milestone and gets your name out in front of new potential customers. 

No matter how you decide to share your success, there are so many opportunities for your company to grow in the process. For more tips on how to connect with your audiences on social, check out our social media guides.

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